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Hi everyone, i'm VERY new to here an like to know if anyone can give me more advise/support, i've used Oxy's for over 3 years now, and started low and in time now at 10   80mg a day  800mg   wwhih i stupidly crush and now evvery morning , just to get up need 3   80's JUST to move... this is NOT recreational used but as most due to a spine disease.. and now i want to quite and try over and over and really need some advice  how to quite. i have 4 more tab for tomorow and plan to stop, but boy, i really need help for advise to hlep,  i know this is stupid but i was start to take a bit of ghb for the withdrawls and to sleep, but , if there's anything i can do , i live in BC , Canada, and just need help a now im out and , just love to quite , be so nice... it you'd likd to email me at hot mail im at monka33  and we can talk private but love to hear anyone that can help , so hard to do this and need a pep talk i guess... thanks everyone.
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Welcome to the forum.  Your are in for a rough week if you don't have any more to taper down I hope you can take some down time.  The first 4 days will be real rough I won't sugarcoat it. Look for the Thomas recipe and buckle down. It will be tough but you won't die (you might feel like it would be better)  after the first week you will turn a corner and fell better.  Good luck and keep posting.
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Yes as said before you are going to feef really bad for 5-7 days, :Ike you jhave the wrst flue ever. YOu will thank you are dying but your NOT> its it is very rought but there is one very important thing you must know YOU CAN BEAT IT and thats the most important thing right now keep your eye on the prize!! Best wishes to
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WELCOME, like the post before my first 5-7 days were rough. feel like the worst flu you ever had with anxiety. i also went cold turkey, tried the tapper thing but i didnt have self control, if i had the dang pills i ate them up. hot bath were my best friend in the begining, read the health pages to the right "thomas recipe" was a god send. and as much as you wont fell like it you need to eat and keep fluids in you (force yourself), and walk, i know you wont feel like it, but after you walk you will feel better, helps with the anxiety alot. i am going to add you to my friends list so check you e-mail, please talk at me anytime you would like
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BTw, thanks everyone, i'm basicly admitting i'm in for a rough ride, and totaly dread what in the future but i KNOW it's forr the better,  as really my back ha been fine for a bit, and i think with my abuse it's just time to  spend $$$ on other nice things in life instead of  waisting it on ****... and it's time to stop. well, i'm sure tonight willl be night 1 of my bad ride. thanks all
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