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Workingmamaof4, worried about you!

On 4/2, you said you had just gotten a refill of 100.
(C10, back under your other name)

But on 4/8 you said you are all out????

That was 100 pills in that short amount of time?  You definately need to tell your doctor about this.  The amount of Tylenol alone is very dangerous to you and your baby.  And as another poster said, they don't want you detoxing from narcotics cold turkey when you are pregnant.  And this sounds like its been going on a while.

Please.  You definately need help.  Not just for you, for your baby and the rest of your children.  Tell someone.  

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I know. My guilt is beyond words, because I know.

I don't even know what to say. There is no excuse for me.

I will tell my ob Wednesday, because I want them to test the baby. I just hope I can swallow my pride and deal with the look on her face and here what she has to say to me.

Thanks for the concern.
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