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Worried about grown daughter

I was writing awhile back, but decided to try again. Our daughter was raped when she was 12 and has been using a variety of drugs since then and repeatedly getting involved in abusive relationships. She is now 24 and has a 3 1/2 yr old daughter. She is on methadone, adderall, zoloft, klonopin. Now I find out her new boyfriend is into meth. She had kicked meth during her pregnancy. Over the years we have tried counseling, treatment programs, and of course endless love and caring. I have 2 questions: 1) Are organized interventions often successful in getting someone who will not admit to a problem agree to enter long term tx? 2) What happens if meth is used when on the above list of meds? The intervention worker said if we decide to go that route, he will help us choose a program. There are so many and she has so many problems. I didn't mention that depression and bipolar disorder are prevalent in my family, unsure whether or not our daughter may have that also.
Feeling very scared & lost in Minnesota
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I don' know much about the drugs she is on but wanted to comment on the intervetion. I think they are a great idea and can help someone see they really have a problem. Im not sure the success rate, but it's worth a shot. the key is to get them into some type of treatment, counselling etc. Her new boyfriend is into meth, this is some serious trouble hun, cause as addicts being around someone that uses, especially or DOC makes it next to impossible to stay clean. Im so happy to hear your seeking help for her. There is an innocent child here and needs her mommy. Im so sorry about this, it is so hard to see and you must be so scared. The boyfriend using meth is a serious serious problem and she CAN'T be around that. Let us know if you have the intervention and how it goes. Good luck.
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Using meth in itself is dangerous territory.  Adding the meds she is on is 100X worse.  If she IS getting back into the meth it is likely she skips some or all of her maintenance medicaitons.  I realize being through what she has at such a young age allows us to be somewhat understanding of why she began using drugs.  But,  I think she needs a little tough love here.  She is now an adult.  No question she has been through counseling and detox/rehab treatment and KNOWS what she needs to do in order to stay clean.  I doubt any intervention now is going to be successful.  She knows she shouldn't use drugs.......ever again-she learned this in detox/rehab.  She knows how dangerous it is to even associate with friends that are using let alone a boyfriend.  She knows that even one hit of meth is going to send her spiraling down the road of addiction again.  My point:  SHE KNOWS everything an intervention is going to tell her.

If you truly think she is using right now........call her on it!!! straight up.  Tell her you think she is using, and tell her you know that SHE KNOWS how dangerous that is.  You can give her a current list of AA/NA or MA (meth anonymous) meetings.  Introduce her to this web site, and I'm sorry to say but you HAVE to think about your grandchild here.  Is she being exposed to second hand drug use?  Neglect d/t her mom being so doped up she can't take care of her?  You might consider threatening to call DCFS and reporting her if she doesn't make some changes.  The thought of losing the ones closest to us will many times motivate us into changing what we KNOW must be changed.
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I second tough love here!!!  my daughter did go to rehab for almost 5 months, but she was 17 at the time, and turned 18 in there...She is now 10 months clean..She attends meetings everyday...
Like the above said , your daughter is a adult, but the problem to me here is the child..I would take the child out of that situation ASAP...Having he boyfriend there on meth is another terrible situation...
I don't think an intervention can hurt, but I would first start with tough love, and getting your grandbaby out of there...We are all here to help you, and i will be praying for you!!!
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