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Worst to w/d from

Im just curiose reading all the w/d postings.
In your expriences , what is the worst to w/d from?
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In all honesty, I think it is whatever one you are withdrawing from right now!!  That always seems to be the worst.....
Personally, it was tramadol for me.  I have pretty much done them all at this point.
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I've tried, Vics, Percs and Tram...by far, the worst for me, TRAMZ!!

They all SU** though


Day 5, Stayin Alive!
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a couple of those iv never detox from but when i was on oxy, perk 10s , and kolonopin was a lot wrose than detoxing from just suboxone but i will say none is very pleasant
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methadone.it gets into your bone morrow and takes 4 to 6 weeks for the withdrawal to subside.it's not so much the agony as is the duration.i dont know much about suboxone but i've heard it's the lesser or the two evils.also meth has a long half life 24 to 36 hours
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benzos can be fatal and lets not forget about alcohol which affects every organ in your body
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I sent you a private message!
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Methadone beyond a shadow of a doubt...
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Yeah methadone was by far the hardest detox Ive ever experienced and Ive been through quite a few different drugs. Its just the fact that its so intense but at the same time it can literally last for months. When I was younger I used to take tramadol purely for recreational purposes, I got it from mexico when I lived in san diego, I never had a problem when I would stop. It could be that I was doing other drugs and thats why I didnt notice anything but I cant remember having any symptoms besides cravings. Thats not to say I think they are easy because Ive spoken with enough people to know that for some they are absolutely horrible. So my answer is methadone without a doubt, followed by cold turkey off 320mgs of oxycontin, those were really bad as well but didnt last nearly as long as methadone. We're all so different in how we react during w/d, so its hard to clearly gauge what drug is the hardest detox.
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Methadone. Took me 4 weeks of active withdrawl(and by active i mean ACTIVE...didn't sleep for the entire time. maybe cat naps no longer than an hour....)  and 6 months before i felt normal (not paranoid about people staring at me, not depressed, and finally by the 6 month or so all the cold sweats were gone.)
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i have done vics and methadone and for me it was no contest METHADONE the vics i could atleast get 3or4 hours of sleep at night and was pretty much back to full normality(if I can be called normal lol) in a couple of weeks where when i kicked methadone the first time i got no sleep at all for a couple of weeks and no energy for months. this time I am on day 10 now and I did finally get some sleep but have no energy at all.
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METHADONE, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...
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folks, we have a winner! methadone by a landslide
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Im thankful I never went the methadone route.. I have friends on it and off it and I would agree its the worst.  I've never detoxed off of Tram either.  But everything else - suboxone, oxy, perks, even heroine.. for me suboxone was the worst.  Probably not the most accute pain--but for me, Im a rip the bandaid off quick person.. suboxone was much longer than the others.  
Hopinforhappy - so true!  It does seem like whatever your doing at the time is the worst.
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i only caught a glimpse of methadone wd when my dumb retarded young behind tried to take 5 to 10mg a day of it to detox from percocet big mistake you wanna talk about sick and i was at work but then i took percs to cover that wd up and got on suboxone..i dont know bc i never had to completely wd of it but i hop sub isnt as bad bc that is what i will be doing in 1 day from now i tapered as much as poss and 2mrw is my last dose...methadone oh my.....what to say about that...i think we all know
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For sure it's METHADONE. I'm on day 35 and still having some W/Ds. Never had a problem before stopping vics, percs, ultram and endocet. This is my 3rd attempt at quitting METHADONE and by far the worst symptom for me was the sheer length of serious and I mean SERIOUS insomnia. Thought I was going crazy a couple of times. Nearly used METH again after going through a week of HELL but thank the Lord I didn't.
I do agree with hopinforhappy though that whatever anyone is detoxing off will seem like the worst thing to them.
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Oxys, 3
Herion, 5
Tramadel, 6
Fentayl  4
Methodone 1
Suboxone 2
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Methadone,I agree with the person above who said it's not necessarily the w/d but the duration of it.It took me 6 weeks to get over the physical w/d.
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