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Wow, what a morning

So this morning I woke up crappy, than switched to great, than someone pissed me off royally. So I drove up to the pump house here on the ranch screamed bloody murder when I got there and cried like a child for ten minutes. I had to start shoveling dirt from this pile against the side of the bunkhouse to bank it up for the winter and as I'm shoveling I'm angry as hell. So I start taking it out on the pile which feels great. But as I dig down into the pile I start unearthing things. First it was a lizard which gave me the ewws but ok I can live with it. After a few more shovels I unearth this gigantic fat yellow centipede thing with red legs. Holy crap I thought I was gonna jump out of my skin. I fought through it, said ewww a million times and kept digging. I'm nervous now about what each shovel full is going to get me so I'm standing there thinking about giving up. But I don't I keep digging and than find another centipede. I'm fairly prepared so I shake it off and this nagging feeling starts creeping up and I start thinking I'm gonna come across something worse. I just know it. (As I'm writing this I swear the back of my neck is crawling, and I keep thinking somethings on me) So I keep digging, and things are good for a while so my heart is beating fairly normal and I'm cool. Well the next shovel full I lift up reveals a nest of baby rattlers! I thought I was gonna die! I screamed Holy **** and walked fast as I could backwards not taking my eyes off them to the Jeep. Just another day on the ranch folks, lol.
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A little excitement at the ranch. I love it. That will get your endorphins moving. lol  Hope all is well. Keep up the good fight.
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Things are good. Staying clean, can't think past one day at a time and sometimes its just one second at atime. But the seconds aren't as painful as before. I'm fighting my cravings with alot of things I'm learning on this site. This site has helped me alot. Its really great when you can't get to meetings like I cannot. Thanks
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I dug up a family of snakes in the manure pile but they were garden snakes and that scared me. must of been 20 all wrapped up around each other and in my manure fork. I ran
so glad we do not have RATTLERS out here I would lock myself in the house if we did.

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Girl I am feeling you. I love nature, just nice, fluffy, quiet, can't hurt me nature. But I've been thinking I have this gigantic fight to work through when I do go home. I think I will be pulling off my experience here and say if I could handle this, the rest is cake. I guess being here wasn't for not. At least thats my attitude this minute.
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