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Xanax, Ambien and Zoloft cold turkey for 3 months

I was treated for depression and anxiety for 10 years. The most recent medication that I was using was Xanax 1 mg twice a day and Zoloft 100 mg. I was on these medications for years. In the past few months I have noticed that these drugs dont help me with my condition and I decided to go cold turkey. I completely stopped taking these medications and it has already been 2 and half months since I took my last dosage. I am still struggling with anxiety which I presume, is connected to my withdrawal symptoms.
I feel dizzy, cannot focus and have hot flashes. I also have insomnia and sometimes I feel like my body is literally going to fall apart. My blood pressure is also elevated at times.
I dont want to start with medications again and I was wondering if anyone can give me a piece of advice how I can cope with this huge problem. I am desperate and dont know what to do anymore. There are days when I feel okay and there are they when I feel so physically sick that I can barely get out of bed. I am not depressed and my mood is okay. I just get very nervous at times and begin to sweat and shake. Is this dangerous?
Can I expect to see some improvements?

Thank you!! Any advice is appreciated!
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Have you discussed this with your doc and if so, what did they say?
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I would try the Xanax by itself. I have been on it for yrs. I can quit it but I feel anxious. You might do well on Paxil with the Xanax. I am no Dr. but I know what you are going through.
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I did talk to my doctor and she wants me to start taking promazine 25 mg, I am afraid that I might just end up on this medicine and I really don't want to take anything.
Also, I was on Paxil and I didn't respond well to it.
I have been Xanax free for almost 3 months and I dont even want to think about using it again,

Thank you for the responses!
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The only way I can see you getting help without meds. is to find a good rehab center. Then evev harder a good Phy. Best of luck what ever you do.
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tapering from xanax or any benzo is the safe way to go..but at this point going back and tapering would be a bit silly....i would talk to my dr as wd from either of those meds should be letting up by now...there r safer drugs for anxiety and perhaps ur doctor could help u with that...i have never been thru wd from a benzo but there r some articles in my journal about them/also in the health pages..valerian root is a natural herb to take for anxiety..kava kava, some even take dilantin for anxiety..if the drug u were referring to is promethiazine/that is phenergan and it does have a side effect of drowsiness and in small doses/helps with anxiety...and it is a safe drug..not habit forming like benzos..good luck to u and keep posting
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Rebound anxiety is very common after long term Xanax use & the drop in your serotonin levels following Zoloft withdrawal is probably exacerbating this.

Prescription anti-depressants, particularly SSRIs like Zoloft do tend to poop out for many people after a period.  Have you tried 5htp, (amino acid), or St John's Wort (herb), both of which have been found in reputable studies to be equally effective as many antidepressants.  You may find one of these helpful & as worried says, there are also herbal alternatives for anxiety, including l-theanine, the amino acid found in green tea which is also available in capsule form.

Promethiazine is an antihistamine primarily & some people find it too sedating for day time use, however I agree with worried that it's safe & worth a try. High doses, (6 grams 2x per day) of Insoitol, (a b group vitamin) can also be helpful for anxiety.

Any of these anti-anxiety rems can be taken with 5htp or St John's Wort & you may get some helpful synergy from this.

If you use natural remedies for a while, you will reset your neurotransmitters & may find that you can then go back to Zoloft if you need to, as the tolerance may have worn off.

Please let us know how you get on.
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Just wondering how you are doing today.
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there is a drug that has is now being used for anxiety, more popular use in children,for anxiety in aspergers and adhd patients, but will work for adults, its called tenex, it is a bp med doe will also help with your blood pressure
its not a narcotic so you will not get the same feeling as the xanax, but it does work, in my experience,
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Thank you all so much for the info. I am doing okay right now. I am trying to occupy myself with errands around my home.
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