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Xanax .5 mg and Vicodin

I've been taking Xanax .5 mg 1 a day for 4 to 5 months now. I was getting them off the street for my anxiety. I also was snorting vicodin 7.5 mg for 6 to 7 months 1 to 3 a day. I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this. I want to know if there is anyway that there was something natural I could take to help with sleeping,twitching,anxiety,crying and all that jazz. Please help I'm scared.
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The previous comments is very good. Bit I can understand the need for sleep... u hv to rest to help Ur body heal itself. You can try meletonin, you get it in the vitamin section at Walmart.
Xanax is tough. Did u try to wean off of it? Maybe take a half for a week...? Just a suggestion. We r all here to help. And we all know exactly what u are saying. You are in good company here. There is NO judgment here. Keep up the good work and keep posting...
We will be here!!!
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You crack me up! Your words are so true and add the humor needed for this fight. (thanks).
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eat lots of high fat high fiber foods and drink lots of water, get the liver working, go for walks and keep busy, wear a scarf and cry on the walks, tears let out pent up crap, the only person who dosent cry is Chuck Norris, hold on for another week or two and your golden! first thing you gota get away from is looking for something else to take, look for something else to do!
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