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Xanax, Vicoden and Ativan

For about a month I hae been taking approx, 2 mg of Xanax daily.  On occassion I have also taken a vicodens instead.  My friend that is a doctor called me in a perscrition of Ativan and said to take 1mg as needed and that I should be fine and would detox from the pain meds and xanax in a few days.  Fact is, I'm really not even sure if/which one I'm craving,  But I know that in the afternooons I have to take something to get rid of the jitterbugs.  I have an appointment with another doctor (addictionoligist) in a few days but if anyone could offer some advice here I would surely appreciate it.

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there is no doubt that your body is already addicted to the xanax..it doesn't take real long..I would suggest tapering down from that..I am glad your going to the dr..how long have you been taking vicodin? Xanax w/d can be very dangerous, and although you haven't been on them long i would still try and taper..You can pm me if you'd like...I tapered off of alot of xanax...to me it sounds like you are having some mild w/ds from xanax..
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Xanax has a really short half life. It leaves your system so fast. The thing about Xanax in my experience is that it can cause a reflex panic attack because you have it leaving your system so soon. Ativan did nothing for me. I mean like taking a sugar pill. They gave me klonopin which works well for anxiety disorders like mine. I just have straight up anxiety; no mixed depression with it.

Pain pills (Vicodin?) work best? You mean to fix your mood? Like to get you feeling better and functional because of the divorce? And your loss, I am so sorry for your loss and grief.

Sounds like xanax is too short acting and Ativan may not work for your chemistry?

But if you are taking Vicodin with no pain associated? How is that working for you? It seems like eventually the Vicodin might turn on you? If you look at the Thomas Detox from Opiates (vicodin) it is very helpful. Down at the bottom on the left hand side.

My best to you. I do understand anxiety, and hope you find some relief!

Love and healing,
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My physicican has only prescribed the ativan - I have obtained the pain pills and xanax through friends because of the anxitety and pain associcated with divorce and loss of a close friend.  I''m sure my doc will get it alll stratighteend out but cant get appointment for several days and dont want to to too much harm. Botttom line - the pain pills work best, xananx second, and ativan (which is presrcribed doesnt work to well).  I am in bad anxiety especially in the eafternoons and have real trouble concentrating and focusiing at work.  Almost like panic attacks.
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sorry i cant offer advice on xannex...i have taken it a few times, but never been hooked on it.  i do know that with benzos you have to taper slowly because of the risk of  seizures.  i know the vicodin will cause cravings.  there are others here who have been addicted to xannex they should chime in soon.  good luck to ya.
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