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Xanax and Lexapro

I'm a 65 year old man who suffers from a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder.  I suffered terribly as a kid and went through some horrendous anxiety episodes in my life, some of which made me consider suicide.  I found a great psychiatrist/MD four years ago, and he's got me on Lexapro and Zanax.  He started me on smaller doses, but I initially found no relief.  The feelings of anxiety, sometimes panic continued.  Now that I am on three FULL Xanax (
(the blue l.0) pills a day, as well as 40 ms. of Lexapro a day, I FINALLY feel better than I have in years!  I'm productive, energetic, etc, and still work.  Do you think it's OK for me to have an occasional glass of wine?  I'm afraid to drink, but when I'm out to dinner with friends, I sometimes get the urge, but do not act upon it.  I'm told that these drugs combined with alcohol could "do me in" - permanently.  Subsequently, I'm afraid to drink virtually anything of an alcoholic nature.  Am I being overly cautious???   Please advise.   I feel great and want to continue thriving.  I'm also told that that I cannot take myself off these medications abruptly, which can also be dangerous.
I'm fine on these two medications, and they are not intrusive in my life.  I am only sorry that these wonderful drugs were not around when I was in my teens and twenties.
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I would say no wine. They are a deadly combination. You have been wise to avoid it.
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I would say the xanax and wine are a deadly combo. They augment each other exponentially. However, my doctor told me I can have wine on the lexapro. Then again I'm only on 10 mg...not sure if it makes a difference with your dosage.
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