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Xanax and Percocet

I have a friend of mine who took 20mgs of Percocets...not the whole 20 together, but I think she said she took 1 10 mg around 9ish and the other 10mg around 11ish. She has also taken 1 gram of Xanax. Is that safe? Can you take the both together? She is a very good friend of mine and I really just want to make sure she's going to be ok. They're typically low doses, but 2 different pills at the same time. She took the gram of Xanax about 15 minutes ago, I tried to talk her out of it, but being a recovering addict myself, I guess my advice is worthy for her. Please can someone tell me if this combination is ok? And/or if the times they were taken would make any kind of difference?
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It all depends on the person some can tolerate it better than most but mixing pills is never a good idea.Look st Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith.So i would tell her it's not very safe and i wouldn't recommend it again.I've been meaning to send you a message so i do apologise i haven't done it sooner but ther are a couple of things i want to talk to you about but i will do it more privately later.We have a certain Canadian buddy in common and he's told me lots about you and i think we have a lot in common.To help you ouy a little more though i'm not sure that if the times relly help but i would think that they do.That's why doc's tell you to take every 2-4 hour or 4-6 cause when you take someting it starts to digest into your system that's why most people need another after a couple hour.But like i said it all depends on the person and their tolerance.Is she used to taking pills?If so what and how much?I definitly wouldn't recommended it again.My doc put me on xanax and percocet at the same time before but she told me i had to be careful with it.The xanax didn't help me much though so i took myself off of it.

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Thank you for the response. I will definitely to not do that again. She is prescribed 1-2 10MGS Percs every 4 hours. She was given the Xanax by a friend and as an addict of course took them right away. I'm hoping though with the times she took them, it wouldn't do any harm. They were low doses and I did take the rest of the Xanax she had home with me, she wasn't very happy about it, but hopefully in the future she'll see it as me saving her life!

Haha, our Canadian buddy has turned out to be a GREAT friend of mine! He's saved my life quite a few times, we talk everyday! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! I too have heard lots about you Jenn! Bob's a great guy and friend, not mention extremely funny! He really helps take some of the pain of detox away with laughter. I'm so happy to know that you too are friends with him, I made a promise with him to take this ride on the wagon together...but he had to be the driver. Haha, that should keep us on the right course hopefully!

Again thank you for the quick response, and great hearing from you!
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