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Xanax questions

Hello I've recently been on xanax for the last 4-6 weeks non prescribed and had a few questions about stopping cold turkey. I've got 1mg footballs and in the morning I break it in half and take .5mg and that's all I will do for the day. After about 5-7 days I stop for 2-3 days and then the work week starts up and I just take my half once in the morning. I've only taken it twice in one day one time and felt real cloudy the next day so didn't do it again. I know my tolerance is low and about 2 years ago I did xanax same as this for about a month a stopped and felt fine. But now being more aware of quitting cold turkey I was curious to what it is you all thought on a good plan to go about this. I want to stop before it gets out of hand or anything like that I was addicted to opiates about 4 years ago had a real struggle been clean ever since despite this xanax Secaniro.
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Guess I should add that I'm on day 3 now cold turkey from xanax. I want it a tad for the morning anxiety not going to lie but as the day goes on I feel fine. I do get a little muscle twitches very lightly and I got about 4-6 hours of sleep both night but that's normal for me ever since opiates. My sleep has never came back and the xanax just seemed to help with the low serotonin levels I felt as the if this was an actual medication rather than a drug to abuse like I did with opiates. I know addiction doesn't discrinate and will love the xanax so should I taper? Or should I take a half today and then wait another 2 1/2 days take another I guess that's a taper plan. Sorry for the story
Stories are what we do.. We are not allowed to give tapering advice. but you already know to taper although you have been on them a short time I would still taper, Xanax is really addicting I myself just got off of Ativan I NEVER want to go thru something like that again. Do not mess with this.. Your plan does not sound bad skipping the days and removing a lil at a time as you have done this throughout. Just make sure your Goal is to get off.. Do not give yourself a excuse to use. If you have someone that can hold them for you That would be ideal.. Addiction is Cunning.. Do not underestimate this. I wish you well with this. Keep us updated ok.  lesa
Thank you for your response, yes I know xanax is more dangerous so taking caution early. It's about 10 hours from 5 days since last dose. I slept great last night not long about 6 hours but was a deep sleep. So have I gotten through the thick of it or should I expect more? I just keep a .5 near just in case but maybe I should go head and take a quarter today and then be done or is that not worth the delay? Sorry I know no taper advice but opinions
If you are doing ok this far out Get rid of them.. I'm really Proud of you for stepping off. Clean we feel and just love better. Do not take any as it sounds more like your Addiction then a Need. Do not keep them for they will call you and nag at you till you succumb As I said Addiction is Cunning.. Way to go LornesGreensEnmy !! You are on your way!!
Thank you so much, ya I miss my anxiety killer in the morning but rather jump off now any longer and it would have been another withdrawal. Got lucky I guess didn't notice anything but ya mentally my addict nature wants something. Keeping those thoughts at bay is the struggle!!
It would help if you attended a NA meeting Others just like us. You will learn how to fight the craving and the support is awesome.. I'm really Proud of you that you are walking away It is the best thing you can do for yourself..
Considering my mental state or addiction I should. I'm 25 got clean off opiates at 21 and once a year I go on these little xanax sprees for a few weeks then stop before my body would get tolerant. I never knew xanax to be so dangerous kids in high school would toss these back like crazy. It always seems to be in may to it's like summer triggers my addict mind. I relapsed on opiates for 2 days then got CAUGHT (blessing in disguise) about 3 months ago first time in 4 years so it's just signs my minds getting off track after doing well for so long. Xanax is a good drug if treated properly far as anxiety i just think an addict can't do other drugs once addicted cause my body was doing great with the drug no withdrawals my mind was loving it for some reason. Sorry I'm ranting times going a little slower now ha
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I see you have been in good hands with Lesa.  Get into some sort of recovery care.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated now too.  That is very important.  I would check into some vitamins also.  Feed your body the good stuff!
Sara gives Great advice. You are Lucky that so young you are dealing with your addiction. Many of us are in our 50's and 60's Our Children had to pay the price of our Addiction. Our Spouses have paid the Price but we as Addicts while active leave the mess for them as We are hiding behind our Drugs/ Booze. We wreck havoc on their lives while whining how terrible ours are. Clean we are able to see how Flippen Selfish we are while Active. Hit up some form of Aftercare Explore your options. Boredom is the enemy as that just allows your Addiction a voice. Pursue Healthy things.. I'm glad you are seeing the Dangers in drugs for it is true once Addicted forever a Addict The difference now is Recovery, This is the only thing between you and Relapse This is why we stress aftercare a Physiologist to get to the bottom of using our a addition Counselor NA our AA. I hope you feel good about what you are doing. You are saving Yourself loved ones in the future and now from a lot of Heartache..
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I couldnt agree more with what Lesa said.  You keep ranting away!!!
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