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Hi everyone, well I found out that my son is doing xanax but I started investigating how you can get high on xanax and I didn't know so I found out that he is snorting it I just don't know how you can abuse xanax can some one help me with this one please?
I just devastated I don't know what to do any more first marijuana, then found out he was stilling my pills "to sell them" now the xanax and yesterday I found paxil on his room wtf is going on he left the house haven't seen him for 3 days.
Please if you know share.
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I am so sorry Lonesome.  I really don't know that much about the Xanax, but I do know that snorting anything can't be good.  I hope things work out and you hear from your son soon.

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Thanks I know he is ok he has txt me today after I txt him, but I'm really worried about him I know about xanax and paxil but I don't know what exactly what he is doing his ex just told me about snorting them.
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but then again I didn't even know that you can snort pain pills either
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When I was abusing vicodin I knew sooooooooooo many people who were abusing xanax,they would take what they referred to as xany bars[spelling?].They didn't snort them,but they abused them.They would get so out of it,say and do things that were so out of character for them when they didn't take them and not remember a thing about it.I don't know what it made them feel like.Fortunately I never liked benzos.I favored all that false energy from the pain pills.Where I live xanax is a drug that is abused alot.I'm so sorry for what your having to go through,as a mom I can only imagine how worried you must be.I will keep you and your son in my prayers.Peace.
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Hey, I'm sorry that you are going threw with your son. Truthfully now a days it seems like you can get high of of anything! I never took Xanax but from what I have read it is widely abused. My thoughts are with you, Best of luck!
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wow..I have never heard of snorting benzos..but in this day and age it seems anything goes..I presently take xanax..1mg/dy..I did abuse them as well at one time in my life..I was up to @5-7mg/dy..personally..xanax/benzos affect people different..of course i do not get a "buzz" off them and they were definately not my doc..as I prefer more energy..etc.But at the time I was abusing them..I was abusing everything..I had to wean down very very slowly and successfully did that to 0mg..your son needs to know how very deadly xanax withdrawal can be if stopped cold..(how long has he been doing it)..and the w/ds are very very uncomfortable and in my opinion worse than comming hydros..do you know what mg/s??
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No I don't know what mg, don't know anything about xanax and now paxil do you know if you can get high of paxil? I'm so despreta right now cause everything Kim said is happening to my son he goes into this horrible mood swings and scream and do stupid thing and the next day he is like nothing ever happend I so fed up.
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I volunteer at a drug treatment outpatient program and have never come across paxil abuse.  Although, I hear alot about 'pill parties' where kids find whatever pills they can, everyone brings them, they put them into a bowl and take them like candy to see what happens.  Crazy I know, but true.   The only thing I can think of is it has similar affects as the xanax.  It is used for anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks-so this would be like taking a "downer" for some.  Now you should know that in addicts, pills can have the opposite effects.  For me, pain killers make me high-for 'normal' people they put them to sleep?  So, it may be that the paxil gives him a buzz.
An important thing for you to recognize is that this is NOT your fault.  You didn't cause it, you can't make him stop, and you can't cure it.  You CAN give him support and lead him in the right direction however.  Check him into a rehab-BUT  if he isn't interested in quitting, it probably will be a waste of money, energy, and time.  Let him know you are aware of what is going on.  Set boundaries with him (if you want to live here, you need to get help) support him in getting clean, but don't support his abuse.  Sounds easy but it is one of the hardest things to do (my daughter used to use inhalants and i had to move her into her dad's but it turned her around).  Best of luck and we're here for you.
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one more thing, the extreme mood swings are from the drugs.  both the xanax and paxil can cause severe agitation, palpitations, anxiety and anger issues when stopping.  It may be he goes on a binge, then doesn't have any for a few days and thats when he 'acts out'.
Two things:  1.  paxil (and other antidepressants) have been shown to increase risk of suicidal thoughts in kids and teens- so watch for this and call 911 if he ever threatens (it will require the hospital to provide a social worker visit and may help you and him find rehab). 2.  Like previously said from other posts-some people can actually have seizures or life threatening problems from stopping xanax cold turkey.  I believe this is when someone has taken routinely for some time-and may not apply to people who just use it recreationally.  
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My sister takes paxil for anxiety attacks.I talked with her this morning and I remembered your post so I asked her about it.She explained paxil as being something like zoloft.She has taken xanax before,never abused it,but her doctor gave it to her for the first month she was put on the paxil.The xanax was to help with the anxiety attacks until the paxil sort of kicked in .It takes a few weeks for the paxil to begin working,like the zoloft and other drugs of that nature.She said she never got a buzz or anything like that from it.It helped to control her anxiety attacks,and lessen the severity of them when one did occur.I hope this helps a little.Praying for you.Peace.
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Thank you so much for the info and yes I want to help this is been going on for the past year and first marijuana he was on probation with routine drug test and not even that make him stop the use.
He didn't finish the probation protoccal so he has a warrant for his arrest I have try everything no rehab that is the one thing I know about a rehab in San Jose is for free my niece went to it a year and a half and she is doing so good she was addicted to meth, I tell me son that I need to take him and he said he dosen't have a problem that he is not in hard core drugs like meth or heroin.
I need to do something he left the house cause he dosen't like the fact that he has set hours to come home, he is 17 1/2 and no job so I made him apply at mcdonalds and they give him the job we had to pay money for his health card and trips to get all of that gas (you know about the price of that) and when it was time for orientation he told us that macdonalds was not for him that he wanted something better and that his friends were making fun of him already, can you belive that?
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Thank you so much for all your info really, is really nice you remember about my post.

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