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Wanted to jump on and say a big CONGRATS to Gizzy he is 3mo's clean today, im so proud of u buddy, ur a huge insperation to me and others. You have worked hard to get here, be proud. love ya Deb
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The tracker finally turned to 90!!!   I think the first 3 months are huge...and very difficult to get to.  You've done it,Chris...keep it going!!  

I think about you a lot...always hoping you're okay...always sending good vibes to ya!!

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Congrats buddy- I aspire to 90 days and glad you are still around to help me out again as you have before...
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Thanks. I remember when I first found this forum and my record clean time was 11 days, LOL. I relapsed 90 days ago, just before I had a year clean and it was painful, but I refuse to give up and will keep fighting this disease, one day at a time. It does feel good to be back to 90 days now:) This forum and my friends here have helped me so much and I have learned a lot. I will get my year da mn it.

To all of you just starting out, keep fighting and know that it gets so much better. Support and aftercare is very important to stay clean. Ty for all the tough love and as s kickings along the way:)
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Congrats on 90 days!!!  I am proud of you gizzy.  No more screwing up ya hear me??  I will give you a flyover from he!!~~     mp
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gizzy just contue to work on your recovery daily you are leaning and growing all of changing all of the time .keep on keeping on
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Hey gizzy congrats on putting another 90 days under your belt its the first real milestone
I know you have been here b/4 but I got a good feeling this will be that last time you have to see 90 days your going to get your year this time....just sat focused and as a very wise lady here says never drop your guard...plug in and stay in aftercare and you will be successful
you have been an isperation to me and I have learned from a lot of your posts...it about time for one of those again...your so real and truthful on them you strik a note with each of them you write...you write from the heart and it has helped me along with many others you trully are an asset to the community..I wish you many more clean days ahead keep your heart open to the addict as you always do..may God bless you abundantly your friend Mark    
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so proud and happy... you are a fighter that never gives up, i feel honored to have you here with us... wish you the best for your life and keep counting, eh :)
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Ill stay good MP, I know you will hurt me lol.

Thanks for the kind words Mark, you have always been so supportive and an important part of this forum. Avisg, your clean time makes mine look like crap, lol. Congrats to you also Spain, you have been a good friend for a long time now and your always so kind to all members:)
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Gizzy, it doesnt matter how much clean time we have as long as today we are clean.  What matters is honesty, accountability and recovery.          mp
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Dude that is AWESOME!! I dont write often but I read alot and you got it in you to keep going! If you have a hard time seeing that from the inside there are alot of us here that can see it from the outside. Those are not just words that is the truth!!
Don`t listen when you get tempted. Stay Strong and you are in my prayers.  Brad
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congrats !
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: D  Whoohoooooo!  I'm so happy to see this!
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Nice to see you Brrrrad!!
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    Gizzy, you have done it. I have high respect for you. I think that cocaine is in a league of its own. The battle is so much more mental than many of the drugs fought here. Over the years, we have seen a lot of cocaine users on here. A select few are still around. It makes me think they may be using again?
   Keep setting the standard for others to follow. Thanks for helping so many of us here.
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Good morning GTMI. So many of the coke users I have met here are back to using and worse off now then when they came. My heart breaks for them, coke is evil. One girl was hospitalized recently and a few others I have kept in touch with went back to it and smoking crack. It's so sad, but sometimes you just can't help someone anymore when they dont want it:(
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