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ok so my therapist doesn't want me to be on valium forever since its just one addiction for another, but we are talking about zoloft see i don't have depression though i have anxiety? I want to know do any of you take zoloft, and if so (i know we are all different) but can u share you experiances both good and bad. I don't want to take a drug forever which is why i'm in therapy and off hydro's and percs any insight is welcome!!
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they generally prescribe anti depressants for anxiety disorders.. I am on them for that.. and i have xanax in case of a panic attack.. don't need em very often.. Lexapro helped my anxiety sooooo much.. never tried zoloft... I always ask for ones that are "weight neutral" as far as side effects I am small and don't wanna lost weight but I don't wanna gain weight either..
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i've had xanax and pefer to take something just when i need it not something all the time by the doctor thinks thid is better, bot valium and xanax did what i needed so i don't understand why she wants me on a daily therapy....and its not cheap!!!! i have panick/anxiety attacks to, not depression....maybe time for a 2nd opinion.
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I was told the same thing.. I just wanted something for when i needed it.. I will say that after taking the suggestion it helped soooo much.. i slept better.. my thought process was better.. didn't have that weird panic sneak up on me.. get a second opinon of course...

also I can't afford it either.. ask the doc about samples... pharmaceutical reps take them to the docs office for that reason.. I usually get 2 months of samples and then only have to pay for one month..out of 3
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Still having some withdrawl symptoms (I relapsed which is why I went to therapy I figured can't do this alnoe) will it help with those because the valuim sure does
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it may...  some SSRI's have pleasent side effects that way... my roomate for example is also on Lexapro she has endometriosis.. it has helped her sooo much.. even her pain level is better.. some say anti depressants have helped them with wd... I have been on them a while so i don't have anything to compare it to for you.. You should ask about Lexapro.. Zoloft is an older medicine.. has more side effects. do some research... (about.com is a great resource) they have a section on anxiety and a section of the meds normally given... also my favorite is crazymeds  another great site for stuff like that..
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Ok so here's the TMI question how about the sexual side effects?? I've heard it can make having an "O" harder to achieve?
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I hope you see this... i know its far down now... SSRI's re know to have sexual side effects... lexapro is one of the better ones talk to your doc about the ones least reported..
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just my opinion....i was started on zoloft and xanax for panic/anxiety attacks.  The longer I was on the zoloft the less I need the xanax.  In fact, I haven't taken xanax in years.....the zoloft has totally controlled my attacks.  
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Thank you I will speak to her about maybe trying that one I'd hate to go back to "O" less sex, pain pills really screwed that up for me and now I'm starting to enjoy sex again. The thing is I really don't want to be on something forever, can you take it awhile and then stop when you feel better??? Talking to the therapist is by far the best thing I've done for myself, I got a lot of sh*t in my past that i think (not blaming just saying it helped) my drug addiction in the frist place and being able to be so open  up and just basically have word vomit all over the place (sorry I think the term word vomit is hilarious!) its SOOOOOO good, I leave each time feeling stronger and like my life is mine again. Lots of $$$ damage done in the wake of my addiction to deal with and thats where the panick comes from but the valium or xanax helps that I get back on track and keep going I'm afraid a everyday drug is going to be trouble.thanks for the vent!! And the advice
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Hey there...I see its been some time since you were on here....I was wondering if you started with an SSRI like zoloft?  I also wanted to share my experience...  I am currently weening off pain pills and in the process I was introduced to zoloft.  Let me just say this....who cares if you have to take a pill everyday if its safe, doctor perscribed, NON ADDICTIVE, and helps with your moods and possibly with your addiction!!  If it wasn't for zoloft I would never want to stop using oxycotin but that is no way to live... I'm sure you have lost money and friends as have I!!  I have SERIOUS anxiety which the zoloft helps me with but honestly its the therapy that will help us all the most!! And Xanax for an addict is a death trap....it would just be one addiction for the next....
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I know we are posting to an old thread, but I am glad to hear your experience with the antidepressant. I am 37 days off hydro's and still have anxiety and some depression. Not as much depression as anxiety. This didn't start until I went c/t off the drugs. I didn't want another med, but decided to give prozac a try. I have only taken it 3 days so I can't tell too much yet, but I hope my experience is goo too. Congrats for getting clean. How long has it been for you??
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I have quite a few friends of mine on zoloft for depression, therapists often try and use anti-depressants usually zoloft as both anti depressants and for anxiety issues, the problem is that if you were on valium for anxiety i highly doubt that zoloft is going to do to much for your anxiety...i agree that valium is addictive and benzo wd is hell, but theyre many other options available taht are much more effective than zoloft for purely anxiety, I really do think so...ive been to soo many psychiatrist that have tried the same thing, but everytime i take it for the 4-6 weeks till it gets effective in your system and it did little to nothing for my anxiety and panic attacks, so depending on your level of anxiety issues will basically decide what medication wil work the best for you...and though zoloft doestn give you a high or a buzz, it still has extreme dependency issues, and anyone who had been on anti depressants for decent amount of times can tell you that going without it after youve been on for more than 3 mths. you will go through some of the most horrid unbelievable wds, so those are very touchy as well, i would do a little research online looking for meds that are prescribed for anxiety, get a list together, then see your therapist or a new one and explain your exact situation and i guarantee you will get a better option and answers to your anxiety problems...let me know anytime if you have any other questions or need any advice-Christos
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