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Zyprexa & ativan?

The other night after an AA meeting, my "light switch" flipped on. (this is what my bf calls my anxiety attacks) He took me to the ER cuz the ativan wasnt working, nothing was. There they gave me 2 pills of something called zyprexa and an hour later, i was still pacing. So they hooked me up to an IV, two bags of fluids and 1 ml of ativan. Half hour later, nothing. So 1 more dose ativan and sometime within the next half hour I was a zombie. Normally ativan thru an IV wont jack me up that way. It took 3 of them to wake me, so I was wondering if anyone had heard of zyprexa and if maybe the two drugs interacted to induce that little coma....
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zyprexa is an antipsychotic and like any antipsychotic it will induce that little coma you reference. It wasn't the ativan. It was the zyprexa. If you were freaking in the ER they jacked you up pretty good I imagine. Be careful though.....you might find yourself involuntarily committed for a friggin panic attack. ER's aren't equipped to deal with panic attacks (heart attacks, gun shots yes...panic attacks nope) and they'll ship you off to psych....just a heads up.
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I wasnt freaking in the sense that i think youre meaning, just anxiety attack and bad.
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yes, there is a major interaction between ativan and zyprexa. both are normally not given together because of central nervous sytem depression.
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