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Some folks blame their Dr for their addiction and I understand this to a point but people drink to relieve mental pain but I"ve never heard of a bartender warning someone about drinking but we don't blame the bartender  if we develop a drinking problem, folks overeat cause of low self esteem but we don't blame baskin and robbins. Do Drs explain addiction and dependence when prescribing pills,,usually not, do they care when you end up in this forum,,, nope but WE KNOW THIS and once we know it then its on us not the DR, the dealer,etc. We are NOT weak minded, getting  and staying clean is not for the weak minded but addicts do it every day so those of you with clean time be proud,those of you who are trying to quit stay here and get strong and those of you seeing your Dr today be smarter then him/her and STAY here,take advice and begin your life today, YOUR life and if you stumble "keep coming back"
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Keith - I agree with your post.  I was prescribed Hydro for legitimate pain ~ 5 years ago.  In addition to helping with the pain I found energy.  Energy that was very welcomed.  Before taking prescribed meds I always research them and I learned that addiction was likely with extended use.  A little over a year ago I shared with my doctor that I had lost control.  I was immediately cut off.  When I asked for another script a few months later I was denied.  That I've kept using is solely on me.  I've made my choices and blame no one.  You mentioned weight, I have a weight problem.  I have one because I like to eat, and consume more calories than I burn.  That is my fault as well.  The good thing is that I've decided that it's time to take back control of my life.  It's my responsibility and no ones else's.  I've scheduled next M-W off so I have the weekend plus three days to deal with the WD's.  I plan to get some moderate exercise in each day no matter how I feel and all contacts have been cut off already.  I'm excited for the weekend to come so I can begin.  Will it suck?  Yes.  Will it be difficult?  Yes.  Is there potential I fail?  Yes.  Will I give it my best effort?  Yes.  I own this problem and I'm the only person who can correct.  
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I agree with you both. I blamed everyone but myself. But, deep down, I knew it was me and only me. Our addict minds will rationalize and make up stuff...it sux!
Good, good luck with your sobriety. Remember, take it slow. The chills got a little better when I would get up and walk in the backyard in the sun. That's all I could do for days. But, being free feels good. Now, I'm working on the tobacco thing. Just stopped today. Anyway, tho is our disease, we own it, and we CAN heal!
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Great post!!! ~Sherry
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Tobacco LOL, that's harder then it was quiting heroin, maybe cause their legal and right down at the corner store. Can you imagine going into a 7/11 and they have shelves full of different kinds of pills,,"I"ll take a pack of hydros and give me a pack of oxys to lol,,actually that would be a nightmare, anyway I own a house, a car and a damn tobacco addiction
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Sorry for the confusion Keith, lol, that's my name, but again it's a great post!! ~Sherry
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Great post honey. Keep up the good fight...one day at a time.
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Great post!! No matter how we got here it's up to us to fix it. Blaming ppl is just the addict way. Can't heal until you quit pointing fingers.
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Chronic dipper here. Such a disgusting, unhealthy habit. The stupid things we do...
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