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about my deppresion

thanks for your comments i hope that if i get the right suport and meds that the methadone problem will be sorted out as my deppresion is the main causes of my low renergy lack of motervation i do see a cpn every 2 weeks yet it dosent really give me much help i had a very troubled up bringin witnessed alot of domestic violence and physcal abuse i was also raped at 13 which as really never delt with it i really love my kids yet dont want them to suffer due to my illness as i have become very isolated and dont really engage well with other parents as i also have paranoid scisoph--- cant spell it but id like help with any sugestions on medication suport groups ways to met others
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I was on methadone for over a year.I went c/t off of 25 mgs 9 months ago. I started to have a problem with depression about a year into being on the methadone.I just became withdrawn,had no desire to do things anymore,just wanted to be at home and secluded from my family most of the time.I didn't know then but I know now that a lot of people say they begin to feel that way after being on methadone for a while.I dealt with some depression a few months into getting clean also,and I tried the 5 HTP that a lot of people here recommend,and that really helped me a lot.If I can ever help just shoot me a pm.Hang in there and keep posting..all the best...Kim
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