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aches n shakes

Hello group ,

Ijust wanted to post a quick question and would value any feedback .

I have been using co-codamol (30 codeine/ 500 paracetamol) for about 3 years and whilst becomming increasingly  more crafty and lying to whoever it concerned (and losing my job) have found myself in a scary position.

I was taking atleast 12 a day which i know isnt ahuge amount compared to some of you guys but its a dangrous amount of paracetamol.

Anyway its the feelings now of insomnia , feeling of the aches and shakes , nerves wont stop tingling .
does it stop , how long will it take .

Thanks for taking the time to read .

Good luck to all !!!!!
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You should be ok in 4/5 days. Everyone reacts different. I didn't sleep for about 90hrs when I went CD. Just try to get things that help. There are a lot of home remidies that work. The Thomas Recipe and if you search posts you'll find different things work for different people. One thing for sure it eventually comes to an end. I am at the end of day 7 /CD and I feel 100% better than the first 4 days. Not to say I feel even close to normal, but, that takes time to. Good-luck PARA; stay strong.
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I meant CT not CD. See now I am seeing things. I guess this is the next part of the wds. Lol
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I agree with Wooworld.And, As soon as you can try  to get a little exercise.Even if it's taking a short walk. Drink as much fluids as you can and pray you never forget what got you there.
Keep up the good fight.
God Bless.
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                  gives very good advice. I went outside and shoveled the snow yesterday. Made me feel much better.

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yes you really should start to feel better by day 5 , Day 2 and 3 might be a lillte tough but doable!  Codiene at 360mg a day is actually a small amount compared to most opiate intake for us addicts.. I felt pretty good at day 10 at 300mg a day norco habit.... It will get better trust me and each day will feel better and better just hang in there you're doing great and congrats on quitting
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Just hang in there buddy. With each passing day it will get better and better. I'm 4 days clean off of hyrdocodone and the insomnia is whooping my arse. I've been through withdrawals probably around 8 times due to back and sciatica pain coming and going. Eventually you will get back to normal and be able to put it all behind you. One thing I always say is be careful once you feel great. We tend to become very vulnerable thinking we can take one pill to get that good feeling also thinking we can control our use. That one pill usually leads to 2. That one day of using usually leads to 2 days, then 2 weeks, then before we know it we are right back to where we started. Never let your guard down. Every day of sobriety is so precious Just keep moving forward, stay strong, and never forget the fight you fought to make it through.
Best of luck!! You will make it through!!
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Thanks for the advice , you seem a bit of a strong character on here , giving lots of good advice .

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You are NOT allowed to let the above post go to your head. Do you understand??? (:
Top man......
Ok, you maybe deserve that, BUT- as previously stated, do not let it fill that head!!
Heart you!

You are doing great! Shoveling the snow is a marvelous idea! If only Texas would provide me some, I am sure I would and could shovel on day 4 of detox! Rooting for you!
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The only problem is i live down south so i am watching everyone else enjoy the snow , now i feel depressed , haha !!!!!
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