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adddiction and pain

can I take tramadol 4 pain while on subutex 4 addiction. I dont want to hear advice on trying not to take them cause in terrible pain. Need a doctors opinoin. Just answer yes or no. and some insight about mixing the two. will I go into withdrawal. Not trying to get a buzz. Just need to take 2 tramadol a day 3 at max
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Hi- There are not any doctors here...

Tramadol won't work because you already take Sub which covers your receptors and disallows any opiate from penetrating. Although Tramadol is not a true opiate, it is "opiate like" in this case.
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Tramadol works on the same receptors that the subs attach to, hence the tramadol won't work as vicki said. You most likely won't go into w/d. Have you tried any herbal pain remedies such as cinnamon or turmeric. Both of these help to reduce inflammation which causes pain. I was on massive dosage of oxy to control my pain but since I got clean I have searched for alternative ways to control my pain and have found that there herbs really helped. Take a look at the article below it explains the hows & whys:


I hope you feel better---Rick
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