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addicted to Norco

Have had 3 surgeries in past  2 years, aling with severe pain in lower back.  After finally having total knee and shinn replaced, my lower back kept me from going to physical therapy.  I saw a neurologist who did a rizomoty onthe right side and an eppidural on the left.  I finally got through ohysical therapy and began walking again.  Now I want to come off the pain pills.  I notice that as i stretch out my time between doses my body begins to habe muscle spasms all ober.  I cannot stsy still and restless leg syndrome also a big part od this mess.
i read all about dextromethorphan but nee othehr suggestions as to how I can quit altogether.  I hqve not gotten my new months worth because I just wanna get off these.  Its so hard that I sont know if I can.  Any suggestions besides cough syrup, hot baths, body cleansing?  I have already tried these.
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From my personal experience, stretching them out seems to make the withdrawls worse. Depending on your dose and length of time that you've been on them, just quitting cold turkey and enduring those symptoms for 4 to 5 days would get you over it. Every situation is so different. But what remains the same is you will feel, look, act, and be so much better without the constant pills in your system.
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I have been on them for years and weaning myself off just recently has worked well so far.  I was at six 10mg Norco a day for years.  I dropped to four a day for a couple days, then two a day for a couple days and then one a day for three days.  Your body will withdraw some during the reduction but it helped me get prepared for the complete stop.  I tried cold turkey and couldnt do it.  Good luck to you
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