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addicted to pain pills

First post.  I mave been hooked on pain pills ( vicodin, percocet, and even oxycontin).  I have M.S. and suffer from back pain.  I quit once for a couple of months and the withdrawls where terrible(did it cold turkey).  I broke my hand a few months ago and started up again.  I want to stop desperately but am in school and don't know how to get things done while dealing with withdrawls.  I have spring break soon and plan on stopping then.  Any tips to lower withdrawls (felt like a complete junkie crying, sweating, shaking, freezing, etc.)  Thanks
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Slowly taper between now and your break. Lowering your dose every few(3-5) days. first thing is to stop chewing or taking more than one at a time.
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Check out some journals...mine has lots of natural remedies and I know going2makeit & avisg have great info in their journals as I am sure lots of others do.
This can be done.
Hang in there
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first thing is to stop chewing or taking more than one at a time??  What do you mean?  Thanks for the comments.  It means a lot even though I don't know you guys.  Thank you
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robert, welcome to the forum you will get lots of support here if you stick with us.  going was just saying if you do that it is the 1st thing you need to quit...lots of addicts chew or snort them to get it quicker.  you can do this i did
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lots chew them to get fast effects...I never did this and was new to me as well....still had a problem tho and had to deal with it...tapering consists of making a plan....pick a QUIT day...taper with what u have to taper with...cut your dose slowly or quickly...depends on the person...everyone is different....I did it in 10 days just till i could get some time off work....small doses each day spread out with no spiking (high doses)  I took small doses like 5-6 x a day and went down on total mg each day...some choose to do it over months...keep posting and get the thomas recipe
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