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addicted to vicodin

I have been addicted to vicodin for 12 yrs. this yr someone gave me oxys and now i guess my drug of choice would be oxy.when i run out of it i take norco, but that is too weak copared to the oxy.anyways, i want to quit. im tired of letting my family down. they know about my addiction, they just dont know how bad its gotten. i take 1 vic and 1/2 of oxy 15 mg every 2-3 hrs.i want out. in my 12 yrs of addiction i never went one day without vicodin. will methadone help with my withdrawal/ i also had a history of seizures 18 yrs ago.can the w/d cause me to go into seizures? and can/will methadone help ? i contacted a methadone clinic, but i hear so many horror stories about it,and i m scared. did anyone try lorazepam for w/d, or will methadone help me more? please advise, as i am at the end of my life here. yesterday, i started thinking how my familty would be better off without me. i just want to stop and no matter how much i pray, i dont seem to get the will power to do it.how bad will i hurt if i just C/t.please if there is someone that is going thru,has gone thru this, and can help me.i have been praying for an angel to come help me.u just might be that angel.ty for not judging,and ty for caring/understanding.first time i have admitted publicly to my addiction, although i know that everyone around me judges behind my back, saying:here comes the vicodin addict. if they only knew i also take oxy/all i want is to be able to enjoy life,family like i used to. this week i wanted to go with them for 2 nights on vacation, but i had to cut it short b/c i was running low on oxy/vics. how lme is that? i promise i would help/not judge anyone with an addiction problem, if I could only help myself first.God, if u are reading this, please please give me the willpower to just quit, not hurt, and send an angel my way so that my journey out of this addiction wont be as lonely/painful.TY and thanks to anywan who cares/listens

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Hi,You are in a good place to get help here.How many mgs would you say that you take per day?Is there a doctor that you could confide in?Alot of people on this forum are very knwledgeable about this problem.It is possible and can be done.I was on 150+ oxy a day and quit cold turkey.If I can do it anyone can.I now have 23 days.Not much but I am getting there.I hope this helps
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Hi! Yes 3 years ago I was addicted to roxis taking many a day. I am recovering from percocets. This is the begging of my 2nd day. I quit cold turkey on both. I felt that was the best way. And yes it did hurt and it was hard to do but I did it. YOU can too. I will be here for you and help you. I truely believe in God!! I am Christian. But if you have a history of siezures I would talk to your doctor. I wouldnt recommend cold turkey if you have had a siezure before. Your doc has heard the story before of one of his patients detoxing so dont be ashamed. You do have someone that will help you. JESUS and PRAYER. I truely beleive in that. I havnt been abusing my percs but wanted too. And did it a few times taking 2 instead of 1. Thats slipping. So I had to stop. I feel yucky right now but really like to help others if I can. I will send you a friend request. Please accept. We can overcome our addiction together.
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I quit Oxy cold turkey, in January and am now 259 days clean.  I was taking it for nearly 4 years (after spinal surgery) at doses up to 500mg per day.

It can certainly be done without methadone or any other substitute.

It's going to be tough, but if you're 100% committed to changing your life for the better, then you can do it.

You can start by tapering down on the daily amount you're taking, until you're at a level where you can jump. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding withdrawals but I think you need to go through this and experience it to cement your resolve.

There are OTC meds you can take that will lessen some of it, but not all.. but there are lots of things you can do to make yourself feel better whilst in the detox period.

As Got2bstrong said, if you have a history of seziures, then ask your doctor if you are at risk when withdrawing.  The only time I have personally heard of someone seizing whilst detoxing from Oxy was when they C/T from Benzo's at the same time.

Google the 'Thomas Recipe', there are loads of OTC amino and food supplements that can bring you back to normailty a lil bit quicker..

I would taper down your dose first, however, until you're at a bare minimum daily intake then be brave and jump.

We can help you through it, if you're 100% committed..

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I agree with everyone, especially talking with you dr about seizures. Please don't go on meth, you don't need it. Plus it's so hard to come off of. Gnarly is the expert here about it. I'm sure he won't mind if you send him a message. You can do this. I too have had thoughts that everyone would be better off without me but that's the disease talking. This is a disease of the mind and spirit and the only way to the other side, is to put down the drugs. Your a long time user and addict. Once you make up your mind, get all the OTC stuff, a ton of Gatorade and take it one hour at a time. Then look into aftercare.
Everyone here knows how you feel. We have all felt guilt, shame and self loathing which is what addiction thrives on. You have the strength. Dig deep and everyone here supports you 110%!!!!
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Billy I don't post often but I couldn't resist the thought of being someone's Angel.....lol....sorry ur here but its a good place to be when these beast take over ur life and u realize it....I was on them for eight years due to many health issues kept telling my doc I wanted off but he said was impossible...well me being stubborn that just pi**ed me off...long story short it can be done without methadone...but please check with ur Dr due to ur seizures bc it ain't easy...but so so so worth it...best wishes my new recovering friend...
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ty all  for the wonderful comments and encouragement,.on how many mgs all i know tht id take 1 5/500 mgs vic and 1/2 of the 15 mg oxy every 2 -3 hrs.from when i wake up til i go to sleep.so about 5-7 vics 5/500, and 3-4 oxy 15 mgs each,and thts if i can get it. i was only able to get 7 of th 15 mg oxy in almost 2 months.i can get the norcos/or vics a little easier.now out of 7 i still have1 1/2 andim saving it if the w/d get unbearable.            ty
andGBU and please pray for me
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