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addiction and suboxon

I take Valium 20mg a day for the last 4 months .I was on 10mg aday before foe a few months. Never new I could be addicted to it. I already addicted to opiats .I have been on hydro and Oxycodon for 8yrs. I have Crohn's disease..arthritis fibromyalgia and other helth issues. My body tolerate the pain meds and I really want to quiet it. I tried cold turky but couldn't. ..I tried methedon for a few days tapering down and didn't take any thinh for 2 days and in the morning of the 3rd day I couldnt take the withdrawal symptoms and took hydro and Oxycodon once. Please any idea? My friend told me to take sabuxon for a month anyone tried it? My pain fr doesn't want me to stop my pain mefs bcz my health is bad and painful but I rather to stop. Plz anyone has any info how to stop it without bad withdrawal symptoms. And who did try Sabuxon? ???? Thanx
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I'm not sure that suboxone is the correct route for you to be honest.  What worries me is the dose of valium that you're taking per day.  You can't quit that cold turkey as it will cause seizures and could actually harm you.  Methadone and suboxone aren't quit fix w/d meds is the deal.  You can't take them for a few days during the w/d and then just put them down, they don't work like that.  As far as the opiates are concerned I would think if you could taper down a bit, then quit, be prepared to be physically sick for 5/7 days, foggy for a couple of weeks after that, you could do it. But I wouldn't stop the valium cold turkey.  Can you discuss your wanting to ween down and stop with your doctor?  Make a plan?  Buying methadone and suboxone (illegally) is not the right way to do this.  I would suggest you talk with your doctor.

Keep posting.
Thank you for your feed back. I never abused my mefs at all. But I have many health issues like Crohns diseases ..fibromyialga.arthritis. And otherd. Im trying to get rid of all my pain meds bcz I feel it makes me tired and fatigued pluse my body tolerate it. My dr seems not an expert bcz she puts me on methadone. ..suboxun. .hydro...oxy...Valium..  I nees some1. To afvice me after being on suboxun for 2 weeks can I stop everything?  Or what us tge best way to stop all pain meds. Thanx
Motye that's spot on for Valium.  I'm on 60mg a day and my doctor said it can do you serious harm to just stop it cold turkey also agree that Meth or Sub are no a quick fix for W D.totaly agree with what Motye has told you. Its good advise and correct advise Hope that helps you out
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I hear that you have medical issues of which some might require you to take pain meds.  But I'm always leary of drs that prescribe suboxone and methadone as a pain management drug.  And I understand that your body is building a tolerance to the meds which is very common when people take pain meds for actual pain management. So I get your decision to attempt to come off of everything.  If you take suboxone for 2 weeks, I believe it will be a bit of a pickle to come off b/c you will need to taper it as well.  Suboxone has a long half life and to get off of it properly your supposed to taper long and slow.  The best way to get off all of your meds is to tell your physician that that's what you want!  Forcefully!  And make them come up with a slow taper plan for all of these different medications.  This will yield you the least w/d symptoms if that's what your looking for.

Thank u motye51 forur help. It's been for days since my last suboxon after being on it for like two weeks. I feel terrible fatigue abd so sick. I teied my hydro and oxy yet still in psin especially my tummy from Crohns. I really feel helpless useless person. I dont know what to do. Im seeing a new pain specialist tomorrow. Thursday. ..hopefully I will get help i have 3kids and just want to feel normal.  Will keep u Posted. Prayers needed plz. Thanx
Hi motye51
Thank u. Im thinking of cold turky do u know how long it takes me to be in bad shape and starts to feel better?!!!
Thank you. Im still tapering but i feel tired as always. My dr wants me to start taking marijuana. Do u think itvwould help my w/d symptoms?
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If it were me I would not try suboxone. If you could taper down on your valium and pain meds, that would help so much more. You would do it slowly, keep track of when you took each medication always working down. You may be uncomfortable but there are things that can help. One is called the "Thomas Recipe" It was created to help people reduce side effects of stopping the drugs.
Good luck to you
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Here is a link to the thomas recipe I saved to help others  http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2055300/Thomas-Recipe?personal_page_id=337358
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