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i am trying to stop taking pain pills i have been taking them now for 4 years cause of a back injury i am having trouble i am very addicted to them and i want to quit if anyone has any advise or anything it would really be helpful i have been trying to start off taking less than what i normally take its a start in the right direction hopefully
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The sooner you stop, the easier it will be. I let myself go on with a heavy vicodin habit for over 15 years, and I was unable to stop on my own. I resorted to checking myself into detox. It sounds to me like you are ready to quit. Don't let yourself get to the point that I did. I have 40 days behind me now, but it's been a ***** getting here...
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As catmagnet said the sooner the better.  How many a day do you take?  Read up in the health pages and check out the Thomas Recipe or the amino acids.  Tapering takes a ton of strength unless you have someone to hold the pills for you. Either way i am glad you found this site and we will be here to help in anyway we can         sara
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Most people need super human powers to taper,but it can be done and yes you are taking a step in the right direction,now take another step to freedom,post here often ask questions,read the health pages and know that you are not alone and you can do this,wwe on here will help all we can
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From Skidmore I am on day 3 without a vicoden cold turkey it has been a little tough at times however i am determined to get though this. I would love to here from you and your progress.I am drinking about 15 bottles of water a day.I have a steam shower in my house and I think that that has helped me alot you dont have to do it alone
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Like everyone said - just do it!  I think it would be easier if you just didn't have any in the house to temp yourself.  I too suffer from neck and back pain.  Live with it everyday and somehow the daily pain was better AFTER I stopped taking the pain meds.  In a strange way, I was just able to deal with the pain mentally so much better without them.  I got to a point in my life where I figured I would have pain with or without them and I was tired of living day to day with them.  You can do it!
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i'm in the same boat  i take about 14 v's a day  i ve been on and off for years  done everything now im doing the tapering method,  but as addicts i dont think it can be done alone  well for me i know. what im going to do is have my mom hold my vicodin and kloni's and  she lives close so each morning i will go over and get my  daily supply call it that i guess and just start slowly in the beginning and then go down from there. I think that's the best way  my dr suggested a 6 week plan of tapering  so thats the way to do it  im no going to go that long because i want to be done with it all.  i wish us luck and just go hour by hour.  thats what i'll be doing  
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