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I am an addict of cough syrup dextromethorphan for almost 2 years. Now i just want to leave it.But whenever I leave dexpoten my physic is getting weak,facing panic attack,bad brutal dreams at night. Without it i am not able to perform my works. i am a patient of obsessive compulsive disorder. Now how i can leave dextromethorphan?
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Come join us over here if you want support...

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I agree with GTMI and Sarah. Unless you like the thought of slipping into a coma and and go into respiratory arrest. Or maybe you end up like a guy we got in the regional center. He hallucinated from taking DXM and killed his best friend. He is doing life in a forensics unit in a psyche ward. Kid was only 18.  Sound good? Now go see your doctor. You can do this. Were behind you. GOD bless.
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I agree with GTMI.  You need to talk with your doctor about this.  You can get thru.      sara
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I would confide in your Doctor. Let them know what you have been doing and that you want to quit. Anything can be overcome. I still want you to see your Dr on this one.
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