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my sister is addicted to painkillers but has a chronic back injury. she just spent 4 days in detox and came out in severe pain. what now? suboxone or something else. please help
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Hi tom and welcome.  When we take pain killers long enough our brains forget how to deal with pain.  When get and stay clean our brains get retrained and we find that we really don't need those heavy duty painkillers.  There are many people on this forum that deal with similar pain issues.  I find that I am able to manage the pain with stretching, exercise, ice along with tylenol or advil.  It takes time to get to that point but getting there is well worth it.  Good luck!!
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punkinhead gave ya some real good advice....now that im clean and sober i find that aleive and ibuprofen works just as good for me when i have ne kind of pain. its all about reprogramming ur brain..good luck to ya.
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thank u very much.shes going to need all the help we can give her
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Hey Tom,

Punkin and Ang are absolutely right.  I NEVER thought I could deal with my pain without handfuls of opiates but it DOES get better.

Your sister is likely dealing with rebound pain from stopping the opiates as well as her normal pain which is like a double whammy.  It hurts bad.

I find that tylenol and advil actually now work at the prescribed dose.  Tell her to hang in there it will get better!!!

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Ive ha the same questions.  Ive had 5 major spine surgeries. The last was on Dec 7th of 2009 a 3 level fusion. Now in late September I was arguing with myself about the pain issue.  I waited just long enough to get meds lat I did not get them.  Today is a bit colder out and still no meds and no desire to take them.  And with the cold it would be my first move.  In my head it would usually say take something.  Now I have to use reason. I have a reason to take these meds, and If I did I really would not feel bad.  But I also weigh the POSSIBLE consequence of that action.  So a hot bath, heating pad, and some good strong coffee, and the day is off.  I know meds would make me feel better now, but I know later in the day I would have tha nasty medicated feeling.  So I dont take. The thought to take is around but I have no desire to.  She needs to let her body get back to normal.  She needs to make the decision with a sober head, or it only goes one way. At first its a struggle but with pain (sever pain) you body starts producing it;'s own pain meds, and its working. Its a very fine line to walk. And she ony knows if she takes because of the high or for the pain.  I can except for the pain, but not the high.  I know a part of me would take for the high, so In turn It is for the wrong reason.   She needs a specialist that deals in pain and addiction, if she needs to take a stronger medication. Before she starts anything she needs to see someone capable of understanding her situation on a medical and addiction stand point.  It can be done, but not alone its just to much of a slippery slope.  Please ask for all the help she can get, and life will improve for her.
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thanks again for all the information .I hope she will listen to what we have to say..we are trying to get her into rehab on monday.she did detox .but refused rehab then because she cant manage the back pain she has a cage in her back .and a drop foot due to surgery on her back.....i hope and pray this works

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