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Im taking suboxone right now, and have been taking it for about 7 months.  I hear its better to be on sub long term and other people say you can do it in a weekend. Which one is true?  Is getting off suboxone hard to do.  I hear different stories from different people.  I guess im scared of the unknown.. any advice?? what happens if im in so much pain, i end up cheating or relapsing?  i wouldnt call it a relapse because i wont do it all the time.  But tell me?? thank u
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Hi!  In my opinion,neither is true.   Are you working a program?  Are you ready to quit?

You need to get with your Sub doctor on this. Sub should be tapered slowly,over time.

Do your research on tapering Sub. A taper can go pretty well until you get down to small amounts. You will have withdrawals. The severity is directly proportionate to the drug you WERE taking,the amount, and length of time.  If you taper very slowly to tiny amounts of Sub it may go much better for you.  Talk to the doctor.

Good luck!
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