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I am asking for help from anyone out there that has any advice.  I am on a very high dose of oxycodone w/ also oxycontin time release.  I have realized that it is consuming my life and i want it back.  My whole family is very much effected by this also.  I am so desperate to stop,but continue to fail.  I do also have major pain and need another surgery, which i am reluctant to get.  Considering the 4 i've had hasn't fixed much.  DESPERATLY  seeking FREEDOM.
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I think its the substance abuse forum you are looking for ..good luck
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I dont think anyone can give you tempering tips here but you should google safe tepering tips for oxy contin/codone. I also would look up the thomas recipe
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Hang in there you can do it
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  I hear you...I was on high doses of oxycontin (prescribed for chronic pain and illness) when I realized the drugs were costing me more than they were helping.  Good for you for recognizing this and for reaching out....There is a lot of help and support on here.  First-have you talked to your doctor and explored other pain management plans?  Are you taking prescribed medication or buying it or both?  There are things that you can be prescribed to help with opiate detox that make it more bearable and are non-addictive (clonidine a BP medication commonly used in opiate detox) and natural remedies.  I used both.  I hear your desire to reclaim your life and it is possible....What kind of surgery are you having and when?  Again-if you do this with medical support it is so much easier but if you don't it is doable.  There are many people who have done it and lived and thrived afterwards (myself included)  Just let us know what you need in the way of support....Lu
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Thank you for you response.  I did look up the thomas recipe. Are you familar with that?  At this point in time i am prescribed and purchase to avoid withdraw after obvious abuse of it.  I read that you have achieved  freedom from the drug.  I would love to hear your story and your process in quiting.  I have clonzapam  and ambien, which i am wondering if these would make my withdraws a little more bearable.  I so appreciate you advise and support.   Prayers also can't hurt!   Thank you for your time and concern.                              Sincere Gratatude.
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Are you having surgery?  Is your doctor aware of what is going on?  Keep talking with us as we are here to help~~sara
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depending on the surgery you're supposed to be having, i would suggest being open and honest with your PCP and informing him/her of what's going on. let them know that even though you're suffering a great deal of pain, you feel as though you've either become addicted and/or dependent upon the pills. you'd be shocked at how many doctors will respect you a lot more when you mention this to them. they do appreciate patients being honest and up front with them. some doctors also just turn away. but i've seen and read so many members talk about how they were honest with their physicians and were able to openly discuss weaning off of the medicine by a method called tapering.

sometimes having your doctor's medical advice as well as support through something like this is a huge thing in taking the correct steps to your recovery.
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