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what possible things or vitamins can cure methmphetamine?
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cure methmphetamine?

there is no cure for addiction.  it can be put into remission by stopping and a lot of hard work on yourself
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Multi-Vitamins I'd say. But I'd love to know the answer to that also because I've been on Adderall on and off for years and it does mess with your mind. Especially depression and not wanting to do anything once you are sober.
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There is no overnight cure for drug use. I swear to God, if there was, i would have found it!!!! Lol
If your looking to STOP using meth then there are many people on here that can help. There are vitamins and minerals you can take to lessen the w/d so let us know what your looking to do.
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The amino acid Phenylanamine works on epinephrine, the same as methamphetamine. DPA or DLPA has helped amphetamine addicts I know to feel more motivated and have some energy. Tryrosine is another one. The ultimate remedy to put meth in remission is good nutrition, exercise, and enough time without using the drug. I also believe learning new ways of thinking and coping are vital. Tell us more about yourself and more experienced amphetamine users can help you more. Congrats on searching for solutions, that is an important step.
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Hi, im guessing you meant to say, what makes you feel better getting off meth !!!
A good multi-vitamin with multi minerals in it, an omega 3 high potency supplement, vitamin D 2000iu with 1200mg Calcium for absorbsion( this will help with depression and low mood and energy levels), A Mega B supplement which has B1-B12 in it, fresh air is also great.
When coming off Meth, depression sets in as the happy "high" isnt felt anymore.
Meth only has mental withdrawals, not physical so thats the good news.
But, if its been cut with things like Epsom Salt, you may get aching bones and a sore body for a short time.
Sometimes meth gets cut with Home Bake Heroin, and the only way to tell is if the gear smells like vinegar. The reason why cooks do this, is to keep you coming back to the same person, you wont get that "feeling" from other gear thats not cut with home bake. Its a smart trick they use. In this case, you will withdrawal.
Also meth can be cut with crushed light bulbs, if the gear ever looks shiny and glistens like diamonds, chances are its cut with glass. Cheaper way of making it.
So these are reasons enough to want to quit this drug : )
Its quite a hard drug to quit as you know because it puts our brain into an instant euphoria state, that we constantly chase.
Good on you for posting and enquiring about this drug, it is a bad one !!!
Take care : )
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