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Recently I have been struggling with alot of depression.  The only way that I seem to get through my day is by drinking large amounts of coffee (probably a pot a day).  By the time evening comes, i'm on the downward spiral.  Lately I have also been cutting myself on my arms, because sometimes it is the only thing that can calm me down, and it is a way to cope.  For a couple months now I have also been taking things in the evening to help me sleep, and just escape my depression for a little while.  For a while it was dramamine, and than benadryl, and now I take liqid nyquil or nyquil capsules almost every night, because it makes me pretty much out of it, and that seems to be how I deal with the depression.  When i'm at school I can fake happiness, and also around my parents, but I try to hide the depression for the most part.  I need to know how what i'm doing really is, and what should I do.  I CANNOT tell my parents what is going in, they arent the kind of people that would be suppportive, I just need some advice on how to deal with this.
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I don't want to sound negative in anyway.  Are you really sure your parents won't be supportive ?  Most parents will walk through fire for their children. Sounds like you really need some help and support.  Let me ask you this ..... what is the worst that could happen if you talked to your parents about this depression ?   Please seek some help, maybe a counselor at school.   Keep talking to us.  Mary
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You need professional help honey. You have to talk to someone...teacher...guidance counselor..friend's mom..anyone!!!

Please get the help that you need.
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You need counsling. Thats nothing to be ashamed of. I"m assuming your young and your dealing with something that even adults shouldnt deal with alone.Plz keep posting here for advice about ways to find help
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Talk to someone!  Cutting is not a way to cope.  I used pain meds and alcohol.  Trust me these are self-destructive behaviors.  Life can get us down, no doubt.  Please read posts here as it will help you see you are not alone.
Keep writing and the good people here will do our best to help you out.
I am a high school teacher and I know how confusing and depressing life can be as a teenager, but nothing is so bad that it can't be fixed.
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Counseling is good. Are you able to go to the Dr? Anti-depressants might help too.

Please SEEK help. You need to get through this. Depression is dangerous. Self hate/hurt isn't healthy. Please see a professional.

Let us know how you are doing. Keep us informed.
You are important. Take care of yourself.
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I am currently taking concerta for ADD, and I don't know if this could have anything to do with the way that i'm feeling.  My parents were reluctant to put me on the concerta, and they are very anti-medication, and my mom has already said that an anti-depressant is no solution, so I don't know what to do.  For the past few days I haven't been taking my Concerta, because I don't even know how much that is helping me.  
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please, if anybody else has ever been through this...i would appreciate the advice, and also...is nyquil addictive?
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Lily...you can become dependent on Nyquil. You sound like you are going from one drug to another looking for something. You will not find it in a bottle. You need help..you need counseling. You need to talk with some in the real world, not just on the computer.

You should not have abruptly stopped your medication. It is very dangerous. Please tell someone what is going on.
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I am only on 18mg right now, and I just don't think it is helping me.  I do have someone that I can talk to...she is an old art teacher...but I haven't talked to her in months, and I just don't know if she would want to hear from me.  I can't really talk to friends, because i'm not quite that close to them, and I don't have relatives around...so i'm hesitant about talking to her...
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Please seek the help needed. I am sorry to ask this, but is your mom a DR? Depression is sometimes caused by chemical imbalances in your brain.
Schools have counselors. Go see one. It is the first step (going) that is the hardest. I believe that school counselors have to keep their sessions with you from your parents. Ask & make sure. Don't underestimate the love of your parents. If you level with them, you might be surprised at their compassion. Be careful.
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what is a DR
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oh...a doctor...sorry...no she is not, but my parents are vegans, and very anti-drug/medication...so you see why i may be a bit depressed as to what to do...because i dont see any other real solutions...because as i see it this is not just a problem to be talked through...i believe i could benefit from medication
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go to your pediatrician and speak privately to him/her about the problems mentioned here.  If you are over 14 yrs. (depending on your state) the Dr. can keep your problem in his confidence and if you ask him not to tell your parents he is required by state laws not to tell your parents.  I am 33 and still can not tell my parents ANYTHING, so I understand the problem- But your Dr. must treat you and must keep it private if you ask him to.
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I am 16, 17 in january...so if I see a doctor, can they prescribe me medication without my parents knowing about it?...I am gald somebody understands, because everybodys parents are different, and mine are the kind that would not support that kind of decision, in terms of medication...but i'm afraid of what I might do to myself
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call the Dr. first to be sure, state laws vary, but since 16 is generally the age of consent for all states, you should be good to go.  But if it were me, I'd call anomously first to the pediatrician and ask, "if I come in and I am 16 can I get treatment without my parents knowing?"  Talk to the Office Manager, she should be better versed in state laws more than anyone.  I worked in a peds office and we had kids come in for treatment of STD's and didn't tell parents.  Dr. had to prescribe something for those...
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Concerta can lead to depression and anxiety and suicidal ideation , it might be what is making you feel bad, so another medication might not be the right answer.
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I just have one question.....can drinking alot of coffee, on top of concerta be really bad for you?....or is it okay, and I need to stop worrying?
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Good Morning Lily,

The caffeine in the coffee could possibly be interacting with the medication because it is a stimulant. It is also not healthy to drink that much coffee so it would be god to cut back.

I hope you have listened to everyone here. They are good and caring people and have given you good advise. Please get help and take care of yourself.
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