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admitted to hospital

hey everyone
I am in my room at the hospital, I have a gallstone stuck.it is sooo nice that they have wireless .....talk to everyone soon.
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You take care. I am glad that you went in. Thanks for letting us know.
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OH AVIS.... was wondering where you got to.. we all did.. so much love on this forum!! very glad you are where you're supposed to be... getting the correct help and all.. i hope they are making you comfortable.. see, if i was in the states i could have visited and brought you grapes and magazines!! if you give birth to it, promise me you'll name it... i thought of a name for the one I gave birth to many moons ago... Ken the kidney stone...oohh it gave me hell it did. I do sympathise... can't believe I'm 'chatting' to you whilst your're in a hospital bed!!
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Glad you are o.k.  Been thinking about you.  Hope you are comfy now and enjoying being waited on! ......Would be much better in a spa though, huh?! LOL
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Take care and I hope you are out soon.
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gosh...glad u r ok....gall stone...maybe they can get it laporoscopically...no big scar left
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How do you tell the sex of a kidney stone, maybe it was Kelly the kidney stone...LOL
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Take care. I will keep you in my prayers.
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It was of the male variety I can assure you... how do I know that? quite simple really... men are nothing but trouble!!
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hey, hey I resemble that
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Get well soon, Avis..  A close relative of mine had gall stones, and I remember what she went though.  I'm glad that you went and got treatment for it as soon as you did.  Your in everyone's thoughts here on the forum.  Rest and take care :)
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Feel better soon, and good luck getting that bugger out.  Peace and love
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Hey! Don't glom on the T.V. remote! Share with the rest of us. :)

You should have Chinese or deli sent in, as hospital food sucks. (It is possible to do, if you can get a "special arrangement" going with somebody.
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God those suckers hurt, im glad your ok. unless you havent had the operation yet. You'll be fine if you havent, no sweat. now you have to stay away from caffine and all that. i had my gall bladder removed a couple years back, it wasnt too bad. let us know how your doing.
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I am so glad they figured out what your pain was...see..your kidney stones didn't grow..your gallstone did!!! yikes.!!!  Are tey plannin gon removing it? Like worried said, if they can do it laparoscopically it should be a breeze.I did a LOT of those in my O.R. days!!!
Take care...hope you feel better soon....~hugs~
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So glad you went to the hospital. Hope you're feeling better soon. I don't know what those things feel like, I can only imagine and....ouch.
Take care.
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We were all so worried about you. So glad you didn't try and stick this out.  Get better soon and keep us posted.   Hugs     Mary
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oh Avis honey I am so sorry you are suffering this!! I wasnt arround yesterday and didnt even know this was going on with you until this morning. I sure hope you are doing better now- did they do surgery yet or what ? I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers!!!  
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thank you
i am doing ok . I didn't sleep much last night.late the afternoon  they are doing to go in and try to remove the stone ,it is stuck in the mouth of the gal bladder.i am really sleepy .
ok that enough typing for me right now . :)
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glad you went and got checked out.....  hope you start feeling better
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praying for u ....hope they get the stone out and u feel better soon....love u and  miss u......
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Glad to hear they are planning to make you better. We are thinking about you and praying for you, rest and get well.
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was getting ready to send you an email to check on you...but decided to check the forum first.

my thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie...hope you bounce back soon.

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I'm glad you went in and are taking care of yourself. I hope you get better soon!

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Havn't been on the computer lately, I am praying for you , please let us know when it is over how you are doing!!!
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