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okay about a week ago i was with some friends and they were smoking pot. at first i didnt know what it was since i had never seen a joint before. after i knew what it was i said i wasn't going to smoke any of it. i had a bunch blown into my face after i was held down and forced. i figure i got a contact high since i started to feel werid. i started to laugh was easier to amuse then normal. after i thoght it out i left and went to my friends house at about 12 in the morning. i had i guess what is the normal after effects like intense hunger and then i just stared at the tv without blinking. well its been almost a week and im wondering if im still feeling some effects from it. i haven't slept since that night, i have suddenly become majorly depressd and i have no idea why, i just want to ball up in the shower and cry. im wondering if this is normal. can someone please tell me if it is? thanks
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I would say no. The effects from the thc are long gone by now.
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I would agree with hopsing. I used to smoke pot a lot, like everyday for 2 years, and once I stopped I never felt any effects. Maybe you are sick with something. You should see your doctor. One thing you need to be careful of is people lacing the pot with coke, heroine, etc. Do you think that may have been a possibility? Do you know the people you did it with very well. Hang in there and just try to  get some rest. If things do not improve in a couple days, I really suggest you get to a doctor. Hope you feel better. We are here for you if you need to talk!
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I agree that the THC is gone, however....What your so called friends did was inexcusable! I am sure that did some damage to your psyche. Do you have access to a counselor? It might help you.
I am sorry this happened to you.
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