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after getting off methadone/going thru methadone withdrawals, when can I drink again

I took my last dose of methadone 2 weeks ago yesterday. I was on 60mg for 5 years and tapered off over 2 months. And it has not been fun to say the least. I thought the worst of it was over and went out last night. I had 2 drinks and shortly after my withdrawal symptoms came back with a vengeance. I felt like i was right back in the worst of it and had difficulty walking back to my car. Thankfully my friend drove me home.  I've been reading a lot about methadone withdrawals since my methadone clinic didn't see a need to tell me anything before i detoxed off. I had a vague idea that the withdrawals would be longer than heroin but was never expecting this. My friend gave me a supplement/herb called Kratom which helped but there's not a lot of research on it so it scares me that Kratom might also be addictive. From everything I've read, I know I won't be normal again for months but I just wanna know how long until I can go out and have a few drinks without feeling terrible?
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well as you can see methadone withdrawals can take a wile....this drug is very cyclic and just when you think your over it it comes back with a vengeance...recovery is different for everyone...we use a formula here on the forum it is how high of dose....how long you where on it and your age all factor in your dose was moderate but you where on it 5yr  we dont know your age but the 20 somethings come back a lot quicker the the 40 somethings  I was on 150 for 7yrs and was 47 when I detoxed so the cards where stacked ageist me....it took a good 90 days b/4 I even seen hope it was going to let up.....if your in your 20s we have had people get over most of it in 30 to 45 days  most people wind up somewhere in between...as for when you can go out drinking  I wouldent know I dont drink  just know the phyical part should be letting up soon it is usually 10 days to 2 weeks  just know you will get over it  I know it can look hopeless you just have to go threw it I wouldent recamed drinking for a wile and it would be better for your recovery if you would give it up all together...a lot of addicts go back to there drug of choice after having a few drinks and wind up starting the whole process over again  keep posting for support we have several members who have kicked this drug
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The drink bone is connected to the drug bone~

Let your body and mind heal.
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