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all my friends

i am back and i want to thank everyone for the prayers and for caring i have realized throough out all the problems i have been facing i have realixed good has come out of all of this i have found some true friends on this forum you all mean so much to me my daughter is home and still a little sick but she is finally home i am soooo greatful  she has asthma and ended up in the hospitol because she caught a cold which turned into nemonia (sorry about the spelling) it was pretty bad for them to keep her sooo long and their is another health problem she is having but god willing all will be well. i am sorry i havent been on much lately to check in but i have been a reck ever since i stopped taking pills it was one thing after another for me that went wrong may be i am being tested but i have remained clean all though i wont lie it has crossed my mind several times but my kids are what has got me through i missed all of you i have read several posts which i see we have alot of new people on here
to all the new people you can do this stay strong
has anyone heard from IBKlean? i miss her i hope all is well with her.
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welcome back sunshine, you were missed on here. so glad to hear your daughter is back home. i have IB's email and ill see if i can give it to you. she is fond of you also.
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Glad to hear you daughter is home. She will get better quicker now that she is in her own bed. I know I do.

As far as being tested I feel that way everyday.

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I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!! you mean alot to me you can give IBKlean my email and i will wait to here from her
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thank you!!!!!!! i appreciate all my friends on this forum i have missed this forum soooo much
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Welcome back....we missed your smiling face...or would that be your blank stare...(after I lQQked at your picture)...lol

Glad things are getting back to normal...and you passed all the times of being tested.......great job on holding strong in the realm of all the things going on in your life....

It's normal to think about those pills at this stage of the game, when we're stressed...but it's what we DO about it that counts...and you did the right thing....you had the thought..and let it go!!!!!
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i sent her an email ok, im sure you will hear from her soon.
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Glad your daughters home and that you have stayed strong.
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