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alternative for Vicodin

I went to the pain management clinc and also saw my psychiatrist. She wants to put me on Buprophen and other stuff possibly that the pain clinic suggest. She is going to work with me in conjunction with the substance abuse program and pain clinic.  Maybe there is hope yet. Anyone take Buprophen; and your feelings about how well it works for pain?
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Buprophen?? Is it anything like Ibuprofen?? I have never heard of it. Do want to hear about it know too.
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I think you are talking about the main active ingredient of Suboxone right?  I think that could be a very good idea for managing your addiction and your life and start to work on steps to get totally clean in time if that is what you want..  

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Do you mean Buprenophine ?  
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The Bup works great. I have never been so " on my game " as i was when i was on the Bup.

It will cause major W/D's if you quit the wrong way. So really follow the directions.
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You do mean buprenorphine - called suboxon or subutec by brand name usually.....lots of people say terriffic things about it. It wasnt as effective for pain as what I had been taking - but I had been taking 20-30 hydrocodone a day! Listen to your Docs and you will work something out.
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