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am i a failure?

As many of u know i have been clean for 2 months. I have terrible arthritis and i have been suffering something terrible. I talked to my doctor (he knows about my addiction) and he said i need some form of medication to function due to my arthritis. I was addicted to Vicodin 7.5 for years. He said he will call me in Tylenol 3. Am i a failure if i pick up the script? I am so sick of hurting so much. Please help!!
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It can get real tricky living with some sort of chronic pain. I've been there many times. My pain will go away and I tell myself I'm never taking another pain med. Then, my pain comes back and I feel I have no other choice. Have you tried very many non-narcotic pain meds? There are many out there and one just might work for you. I've tried quite a few. I can message you the names of them if you want. It is so hard being in pain and trying to live a normal life. Best of luck to  you!
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I could be wrong..but I think there are medications for arthritis that are not narcotics or controlled substances. Did you ask the Dr. about something like that? I think if you start on the Ty#3, you are going to be right back on that merry-go-round.
I am sorry you are having this pain..but i would look into other treatments.

By the way...CONGRATS on 2 months...that 's quite an accomplishment!
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I have tried it all. even tried changing my diet. Nothing is working. I am willing to try anything. If you could send those names my way i would appreciate it. Thanks!
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I don't know if your form of arthritis is similiar to Gout...but my husband has gout and when it flares up it is VERY painful. He tries his hardest not to take anything but ibuprofin for it.  He doesn't like pain pills.  He was also prescribed an anti inflammatory called Indomethicin I believe.  

I am not sure if that can help with you but just a thought.  

Goodluck and i am sorry you are in so much pain.
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I am on all sorts of meds for my arthritis that i take daily. Even tried Lyrica. didn't work. The arrthritis is moving up my spine now and causing me alot of pain. I just need relief. Don't know what to do. I have come so far.
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This is a hard call...i feel for you ,as we should not have to live in pain.
I am just so afraid if you start on the Ty 3's that it will get your addiction talking to you.
The decision is ultimately up to you...I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers...~hugs~
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I agree. I am actually afraid. I just want to feel o.k. and be able to function for my kids. I am even having a hard time with the tops to their sippy cups.
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Here are a few I have tried......

I know I tried a  few others, but can't remember what they were. You should talk to your doctor. Sometimes you can take a couple different types at the same time. That is something you'll have to talk to your doctor about. Just let him  know you want to try something non opioid. It might take awhile to find one that will work for you but would be worth it. Have you been to a pain management clinic? They have some great ideas on controlling pain without meds. Do you do physical therapy? There is also water therapy. I've heard of many people that have controlled their pain with water aerobics. Best of luck to you! If I can be of any help let me know!
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Thanks Brian. Due to the meds i am already on i can't take any of those. They contain some of the same ingredients as my other medications. That is the problem i keep running into. Thanks for you help though.
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I had one pain Dr tell me that as long as I could control my pain without the need to incease the dosage that I was OK. It was a quality life vs just living. It's a tough call, but from what I am hearing on this site it's really hard not to keep the dosage from increasing. A different pain Dr tell me that I was addicted to vicodin solely because I had been on them so long.
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Hello! I too have arth,, rheum. I have been on almost every arth. med known. First of all you need to see a rhuemtolgist (SP?) if you don't already. I currently take the Enbrel injections with methotrexate. I too thought I needed all those pain meds. I am day 44 ct.
I strongly believe the pain meds caused me more pain. There are all kinds of new arth. meds, we don't have to suffer any more.
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Believe it or not there are even more meds than all those mentioned for this.  I'm assuming you're sufferering from osteoarthritis right?  If so, there are other treatments besides just the oral meds.  There are intra-articular injections, that may be necessary to bring a wicked case back down some, as well as I'm sure you know about exercise and heat and all of that stuff.  There are others still though, arthroplasty, arthrodesis, osteoplasty, and osteotomy.  No one deserves to suffer, but I'm concerned because you're concerned for one.  Secondly, you will no matter what develop a tolerance after about 7 - 10 days, anyway.  AND, the med. really won't be acting on the problem causing the pain.  I know that no one wants to go invasive when not necessary, but I'd seek a second and third opinion.  Go see a doc who specializes in the musculoskeletal system.  That's your best bet.  You'll need new x-rays too to observe any changes that may be an added cause of increased pain.

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I just started on methotrexate. 3pills every friday. I have rhuem. arthritis from joint damage caused by lyme disease. Its awful. I do see a rhumatologist along with my GP. I have been dealing with this for 9 years and it just keeps getting worse.
Thank you for all the advice. I really appreciate it. I think i'm going to call my doctor back and see about other obtions. Hes a great doctor. Very understanding with all this.
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Well then, with rheumatoid arthritis, you've also got tons more options.  There are some great drugs on the market that most people would never have heard of, some of 'em weekly injectibles you do yourself.  You've really got to remember here that this is a system condition.  It doesn't only affect the joints either.  It also attacks surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.  Understand now why you hurt so badly?  What stage are you in, or has your doc even got the experience to know about this.  This greatly matters.  Not to mention the fact that you may have endocrine factors at play here, genetic factors at play, or complications from the rheumatoid arthritis that're adding to the pain.  For example, some complications are:  ankylosis, contractures, and deformities.  Some people even develop Sjogren's syndrome and resulting eye problems associated with it.  There's spinal compresseion comp's, and all that fun stuff too.  There are lots of things to consider here besides one issue. There are lots of treatments also...while usually aspirin is prescribed, there aer those other meds listed, as well as the corticosteroids (make sure you're being eval'd for osteoporosis - can happen because of them), immunosuppressants (like you're on, but there are lots of 'em and they do work differently, some work for one, someone else may need a diff. one),.  Antimalarials and gold salts are also effective treatments.  It is recommended that you increase your sleep to 8-10 hours every night and have frequent rest periods durign the days.  PT is usually prescribed too.  There are surgical interventions that prove useful for some with RA as well.  Did you ever try Indomethacin?  - Jacqui
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and you are not a failure!
please ask your doc about some of the new arth. meds. i've also been on the "gold" injections and methotrexate injections. the enbrel has helped me the most....so far. i really got screwd up on pain meds.
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Just anted to let you all know i didn't pick up that script. wanted to and want to soooooo bad but didn't!
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Good job bandnmom.....  After I had tore through every drawer looking for percs I stumbled across 10 tylenol 3's.  That was a couple weeks ago.  It was just enough to prolong the inevidible w/ds that came anyways.  
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