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am tapering off of subox. when should i jump?

I think only I would know when to jump. My body acclimated to 1mg sub after bouncing around 1.1 and .9, and 1mg for about  a week.. then a steady 7 days of 1mg..... Now, I am down to my 2nd day in a row at 0.80mg. That's 8/10 of a 1mg. .... sort of feeling lethargic and dull, with the sweats and aches, but if i can stick it out for another 3 days at .8mg, I know I will have tapered to .8 from 1mg successfully....Then to .7 and so on. I just read about the guy that jumped at .125 with no problems. I also drink a cup of Kratom tea every morning before my dose. I don't feel like I even need the dose after the tea, but now, it's just habit.  Anyone out there experience this tapering and jumping at this low dose with no problems??
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But I won't say "NO" problems. It wasn't easy but doable and worth it!
after 12 hours on my 2nd day at .8mg, it was too much to handle to i took .2mg which brought me up to 1.0mg for the day. damn! how long did it take you to taper from 1mg to .125mg?  and how much did you drop at a time.
Quite a while ... I did it in a 6 month period. It could be done faster but I was working 40-60 hours during most of that time. I also took time to stabilize and build my strength back after each taper. But everyone's endurance is different so you do have to listen to your body.  My whole experience is on a thread on here called "seeking encouragement on my journey to FREEDOM tapering from suboxone again".  I commented on it a few days ago so you could find it easier.  Feel free to pm me. You can do this.  Be patient with yourself. I had to remind myself daily when I was in pain that the pain/nausea/ emotion was my body healing!
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No matter how you slice it you are going to feel some sort of wd.  Are you doing anything for recovery care?
yes. NA and AA
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