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anger issues as you clean up

I have spent most of my day tryin not to strangle the eva loving sh*# outta someone or other. first i snapped at walmart, then gettin a burger at culvers, then at mcdonalds on some a$$ honkin his horn , then again at walmart!! i went to jail tuesday because of a fight, and jus got out wednesday nite. I realize that as i get clean for the first 1-3 months, i have a real anger problem. i think it is because im used to letting dope override the urge to punch somethin. my ? is, is this just a cocaine thing? does ne one comin off pills notice that they are edgy, and stupid **** makes em wanna snap? or am i just an a&&hole when im sober? LOL
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You are just a sweetheart whatever u r and wherever u go...not everyone you meet is aware of this fact yet!  gotta give them a little time dude
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Drug Counseling for Cocaine Addiction  

Family Involvement
Cocaine addiction contributes to a variety of family difficulties, affecting the family system as well as individual members. The burden and emotional pain can be great. Family members may exhibit behaviors intended to help the addicted member, but which ultimately have an adverse impact. Family involvement is important in the treatment of addiction (O’Farrell and Fals-Stewart 1999, pp. 287-305).

There is an association between relapse and social supports across a range of addictions. Involving the family or significant other of the addicted client in individual or multiple family group sessions can reduce the risk of relapse. Such involvement has many potential benefits:

It provides the counseling staff with an opportunity to learn about the client’s family, observe how family members interact, and gain input from the family.
It can facilitate compliance with treatment. If a client feels pressure to remain in treatment to satisfy the requests of the family, he or she may maintain this involvement even during periods of low motivation. This buys the client time for motivation to improve.
It provides members of the family with an opportunity to verbalize their concerns, questions, experiences, and feelings related to the addicted family member.
It offers the client an opportunity to hear how the family experiences the addiction.
It offers the client the opportunity to receive support from the family.
The family can receive education and support from other families, which may lessen the burden experienced. Anger, worry, confusion, and other emotional reactions can be shared, and strong, negative feelings may be diffused.
Family members can be taught about and encouraged to attend support groups such as Nar-Anon or Al-Anon.
Family members can learn about behaviors that they should avoid, which are considered enabling.
Family members can learn about strategies that can help them cope better with an addicted relative.
Family members can learn about strategies to take care of themselves so that all the recovery efforts are not simply directed at the addicted person.
Family members with a psychiatric or addictive disorder who appear to need help themselves can be encouraged to seek help, and referrals can be facilitated.
The GDC model includes a one-time Family Psychoeducational Workshop (FPW) conducted during the first month of treatment (Daley and Raskin 1991; Daley et al. 1992). Psychoeducational workshops have been used with all types of psychiatric and addictive disorders. Such workshops have a positive impact on participants by lessening the family’s burden, increasing helpful behaviors, and decreasing unhelpful behaviors.

A variety of formats can be used for FPWs. Although the CCTS offered a single, 21/2 hour FPW workshop, these workshops can be offered for longer periods of time or for more than one day. A brief FPW was necessary in the CCTS because of the research design. Because the CCTS focused on evaluating the efficacy of individual treatments for addiction, an extensive family program would have made it difficult to interpret research findings. In community-based programs, however, using a variety of family approaches is recommended, including multiple family groups, family psychoeducational workshops, individual family sessions, sessions with individual family members based on a specific need, and referral to family-related self-help programs.

Format of a Family Psychoeducational Workshop
FPWs are semi-structured sessions in which a group of clients and their families are provided with specific information about addiction and recovery. Support is also provided, and families are encouraged to share their questions, concerns, and feelings. Because this is not a therapy group, the workshop leaders must make sure that it doesn’t become a context for sharing deep-seated emotional feelings. Strong feelings are always present in these workshops, and some sharing of emotion is necessary. However, opening up families too much can be counterproductive, so education and support are the main areas of focus. Interactive discussion is encouraged in the context of increasing participants’ understanding of addiction and recovery.

Educational videotapes can be used to help present information and stimulate discussion. It is helpful to provide written literature to clients that relates to the workshop content. Usually after a FPW, one or more family members will have personal questions or concerns that they wish to discuss with the workshop leader.

Family Workshop Content
The specific material covered in family psychoeducational workshops will depend on the amount of time available. Following are the topics most commonly addressed in the CCTS family workshops:

Overview of substance abuse and dependence: Prevalence, symptoms, causes, and basic concepts (e.g., various degrees of substance use problems, denial, obsession, compulsion, tolerance, psychiatric comorbidity, etc.).
Effects of substance use disorders: Impact on the individual, family system, and individual members, including children.
Overview of recovery: Recovery issues for the affected person (physical, psychological or emotional, social, family, spiritual, other) and how to measure outcome.
Overview of treatment resources: Treatment approaches for the affected individual and treatment resources.
How the family can help: Enabling behaviors for the family to avoid, and behaviors that are helpful in supporting the addicted family member’s recovery.
Family recovery issues: How a family member can heal from the adverse effects of addiction and involvement in a close relationship with an addicted family member.
Self-help programs: Programs available for addicted clients and family members, how they can help, and how to gain access to them.
Relapse: Common warning signs of relapse, the importance of relapse prevention planning, how the family can be involved, and how to deal with an actual lapse or relapse of an addicted family member.
Family Educational Materials
Families benefit from written information on any of the topics listed above. Families can continue to read and learn about addiction and recovery if written materials are provided or recommended. In addition, educational videos provide an excellent mechanism to gain information and insight, and they often facilitate excellent discussions among families.

In Appendices E and F, some books, pamphlets, and educational videos are listed that can be used in family psychoeducational programs or recommended to clients or families.

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Long-term effects of cocaine

Irritability and mood disturbances



Auditory hallucinations  
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Not sure if this helps or not but I have been extremely moody since stopping hydro. There are days when I am a royal B....  I hate when I feel that way b/c it isn't me. I snap at people (worst of all my daughter), have no patience and feel like I'd just like to let loose on someone. I think it's part of the recovery process and part of the way we deal with cravings. We also have to learn how to feel "normal" again and realize that just like anyone else, we're going to have good days and bad.

BTW - snapping at Walmart is a sign of sanity. I can't make it through that store without my blood pressure going up about 100 points. My daughter knows how much I hate being there and cracks me up the whole way through saying, "mom: in with the good, out with the bad."  What is the deal there anyway? It's like people lose all common courtesy and manners once they walk in - blocking entire aisles with carts, running carts into people.

Man - you just got me angry all over again. I'm going to Walmart to yell at someone. just kidding.

Hang in there.
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for real, i think that i need to quit goin there. they never have a checkout, the self checkout quits , they tell me to reload my cart after they jerk me round for 20 minutes,and wanna move me to another line with 13 people in it... i was snappin hard core, but i just left all my stuff and cart where it wuz, and walked out. course this means i just had to go back tonite to another walmart , this time with both kids.... damn, now im goin to wal mart to snap LOL....
thanx persnick , ya answered perfectly, i wasnt sure if pills would do the same thing. i wll stay strong , and try to handle my emotions with out violence. i know from experience i  will start to cool out a lil in a few months.
medic, thanx for the input, and i dont get the paranoia or hallucinations except when im using, but i do recognize the other two when im clean.. much love to all
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"Man - you just got me angry all over again. I'm going to Walmart to yell at someone. "

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are.  Thanks for the before bedtime laugh, persnick...LOL
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Yeah, Wal-Mart ticks me off, too. What's the point of having 35 checkouts when there's only one ( you read that right ) cashier? And believe me, my big strong hubby stays outta my way lately, I've been VERY edgy, I felt guilty the other day and I'm trying to cool it a little. Road rage doesn't help anything either, good thing I have an old clunker, everyone gets out of my way! I think it's perfectly normal to feel grouchy when we're going through such a drastic change, I think our brains need to have a re- adjustment period. Although I'm not sure I even have a brain left!  LOL   =)
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See, I didn't even spell your name right... no brain!!! DUH  =P
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the anger issue is the reason I want to start competive fighting agian MMA style started my training 2 weeks ago and getting back in to the shape I need to be in is hard but it helps with the anger. my first fight is going to be in 6 weeks so here goes the fun... lol
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one more thing part of it is that your an A$$ hole and your coming off drugs lol had to through that in there bro much love

this a joke so nobdy get pissy
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Cats get hissy, not p1ssy!  LOL Sorry, no jokes allowed!!  LOL Really just kidding!  cat   =)
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Okay - now I'm really ticked - I wrote another Walmart post and hit some random key and it vanished!

I decided to suck it up tonight and go to Walmart to kill two birds with one stone. All I wanted was a new cell phone battery and to grab a few groceries. How bad could that be, you ask? Well, it wasn't pretty.

I stood in line at the Alltel booth in Walmart for 15 minutes. There was a lady in front of me who was trying to get her 80-year-old father's cell number changed b/c he keeps getting x-rated text messages. Have to admit that gave me a giggle or two. Can't you just hear gramps reading a message and then asking his daughter, "honey, what exactly does that mean she wants to do to me? Ohhhhhhhh. Well, while you're at Walmart, could you pick up my Viagra?"

Finally, it's my turn. All I want is a simple battery. I tell the guy that and he has the nerve to tell me, "we don't sell batteries here."  I must have given the "are you freaking kidding! me look" b/c he immediately rambled off about 5 other places in town where I could buy them. I just looked at him and said, "are you seriously telling me that you advertise being an Alltel retail agent, you sell the phones, you sell the charges, you sell the faceplates, you sell the cell phone holders, but I can't buy the one freaking thing I need to make the phone and all of those expensive accessories you sold me work?" No reply from Mr. Helpful. Yeah, keep on rolling back those prices and while you're at it; roll in some cell batteries too!

Disclaimer:  this message is the sole opinion of the poster and does not reflect the views of anyone here who loves Walmart. Sorry if I have offended. I feel SO much better now that I have vented. Maybe now's a good time to go to Walmart. lol
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