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I just got prescribed SYMBYAX 1 -6mg/25mg, I have never takin it before and I took my first dose last night before bed. Tonight, I took a xanax 1mg, although I'm used to taking at least 4mgs at least...as offten as possable. I read up on Symbyax and it containes IM-Olanzapine, and that there has been 29 deaths since September 30th 2005 due to mixing the IM-Olanxapine and xanax...so My question more less is...Is there anybody familiar with this that can tell me if they have personally mixed the two before and what was the outcome, or if anybody has any information about the two had being mixed? If anybody has ANY advice, I'd be more then greatful to hear it Thank you, Melody
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This is really something you need to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist .Did the same doctor prescribe both meds.
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hi. there doesn't seem to be a great deal of info on interactions, but it is advisable to be careful of the additive sedating effects. check out erowid and crazymeds. they have some good info. take care    gm
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