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anxiety attacks

hi! is their anyone who have experience my symtoms?everytime i hear loud shouting or angry or emotionally depressed or have seen a news which involved death even on cartoons or in reading flash news on tv it seems i felt this sensation beginning from my stomach then from my feet up then shortness of breth as if my body is trying to regulate my breathing, i felt this sensation that their is going something to happen to me, that is why i always pay attention to my heartrate and breathing, i dont know if their is really something wrong inside me or is this my brain my illusion that worse is comning, i felt like im going crazy, could anyone help me pls. on what to do? also is this panic really fatal on instant? thanks in advance for any info.
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I have had similar issues through out my life. I the 70's when they would test the emergency alert sirens outside I would panic even knowing it was a test. I would suggest talking to a shrink. That's what I have done and they can see if you have OCD, ADHD or just suffer panic attacks.  Many people over look their mental health but it is as important if not more than your physical health. I am battling both today, day 8 for me. Mentally I am stronger than I have been in 15 months. Physically I am in some good pain. I am enjoying the freedom from depression now and dealing with the pain. I am happy. I hope this helps. I know how you are feeling and I know you can be set free from that. I am today.
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thanks for the comment, but i would really want to know is, could my conditon be a really medical situation both mentally or internally, could someone help?just want to know on whom to go to for the right treatment,phsychologist,herbalist yoga, etc. thanks a lot again, regards.
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Hi, I really don't know much about this, but it certainly sounds like a panic attack! Ive gotten them before! If you can, I would get checked out by a doctor to rule out any physical issue! Then it may be time to seek out a mental health provider! Sorry I'm not a better help! Best wishes!
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