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I have found an app for smartphones that helps me alot with my anxiety.  It is called Heal Depression Hypnosis by Kym Tolson.  It cost me $4.99, I have a Droid.  I just lay in bed, turn off all lights, put on my eye mask and just tune everything else out.  I do this a few times a day and it has helped with my anxiety A LOT!  The intro is kinda weird but listen to it to the end.  Hope this helps someone, it has for me.
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Thanks for posting this...And I'm glad you found something that helps with anxiety...I am having anxiety issues at different times of the day but find both exercise and listening to music really help.  Happy New Year..Lu
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Hoping this post can help someone.  I see alot on here about anxiety issues.  Give it a try!
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That's because with many including me the anxiety was the absolute worst part of recovering !  I know some people have very little and you don't know how lucky you are !  Peace Jimmy
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