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ok I know anxiety is all part of getting clean....i've heard Valerian root is good for that....any other suggestions??  does V root make you drowsy at all??   i mostly get the anxiety at work.....the past couple of days have been almost unbearable.....so if anyone has any suggestions i would be very grateful.  Had it so bad at one point today, i thought i would have a panic attack.....i'm at 26 days clean today.....thought it would get better but it's gotten worse past few days. Thanks!!
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Breathing exercises will help with anxiety.  Breathe in for five seconds and breathe out for ten seconds.  Repeat five times.  It will relax you as it really does work.  So does meditation.  And hot showers (yeah, you're probably tired of hearing that but we repeat it because it's also true).

And valerian root works for some of us (me included).   But don't take too much, it will upset your stomach big time.
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Meditation works pretty good! Also my therapist gave me info on how to do deep muscle relaxation. You can probably google it and try that. Just turn the lights off and find your happy place and try one or all of these things
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thanks for the tips!!   but i'm usually ok at home.....it's at work where i'm having the problems.....so breathing exercises i can do there...but showers and meditation not so much...lol  when i took lunch today i just tried to calm myself....i was out running errands for my boss...couldnt' even get that completely finished....i was pissed cuz i had to do those errands too....lol  that didn't help
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honestly, there's a very simple tecnhique my therapist taught me based on left/right brain stuff. Sit relaxed with your hands on your legs, right on right, left on left, in a chair. Think about your breathing, breathe in and tap your palm on you left leg, breathe out and tap right hand on right leg, in, tap left, out tap right, go slowly, focus on your breathing, and just lightly tap your thigh, once each in/out. In like 30 seconds, it's amazing, your heart rate slows and it calms your racing thoughts. And once you do it a few times, you can even do it without closing your eyes, sitting at a desk, just alternate tapping on each leg with you palm as you breathe in and out. It helps disconnect your thoughts and triggers (I'm told,) and it works for me any time I start to feel a panic attack coming on. Just try it for 30 or 40 seconds, it's really crazy helpful.
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There are, of course many medicines that will help that are not narcotics.  I have taken Vistaril....may not be spelled right, and Doxapin....may not be spelled right.
ImDone is right on the money.  Breathing exercies work really well, I know from experience.  I also like grounding techniques.  I will give you an example that doesn't take long.  Look around the room and notice what is around you.  Close your eyes, ask yourself a question like how many doors are in here.  It doesn't matter if you get it right or wrong.  Do this with a few things then move onto sounds.  Notice the loudest sound you can here.  Picture where it is coming from.  Keep doing this until you get down to the slightes sound that you can hear.  Start bringing yourself out of it by coming back to where you are then open your eyes....that is a kind of grounding.

Practice all of these exercises, also when you actually have time to do it at home through meditation and yoga if possible.

Goodness, I have so many of these I could go on forever.  Next one, look up yoga nidra.  It is a type of guided meditation that uses visualization.  This with the addition of aroma therapy really works.  I recommend Lavender or Vanilla for the relaxation and a citrus aroma for the end to energize you.  The best place to get these all natural aromas is from bed bath and beyond but Walmart will work.

Next one is visualization.  You can pretty much so this anywhere as well.  Close your eyes and picture a place that has no negativity or worry.  Imagine yourself being there by yourself.  I will give you an example of mine.  I picture myself on a different planet.  It is always dark, starry, and it has three beautiful moons in the sky which cast enough light to see.  The planet is covered in water and little islands of sand.  The water is only knee deep and a beautiful blue color.  The islands are small and the sand that they are made of is a little darker blue than the water.  You don't need to sleep as much because there are no outside factors to cause you stress and no people around to change or alter your modd.  No job no need for money, no rain, no need for shelter.  I can't tell you how I see this in my head but you get the basic Idea.

The next one is body visualization.  Lay on the floor, take some deep breaths.  Remain still.  Notice the parts od your body that are in direct contact with the ground.  Start at the top of your body and work your way down slowly.  Imagine you are in a warm place like on a beach somewhere, really feel the heat.  Do that for a few seconds then imagine you are at a cold place like at the top of a mountain.  As you breath in with your eyes closed imagine that the air you aer breathing in is blue and healing.  The air you are breathing out is red and negative energy.  As you breath in repeat I am calming my mind, as you breath out repeat I am calming my body.  Bring yourself back to the present like in the sound exercise.  If you fall asleep it is ok.

I will also be glad to post a simple yoga routine if you are interested.

The more you practice this whether you are at home or work will make it quicker and easier to do it.

Wow, I am out of breath lol

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I have more if you need them.  lol
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thanks so much evolv for the advice!!  i will try anything at this point...i didn't have this much of a problem with it when i was first getting clean....it's just so frustrating trying to work on patients and you are fighting the "freak out"....just started getting bad few days ago....along with the no energy and tiredness that's always there..but i will try it!!
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wow that's a great way of thinking Bub!  i will have to try that at home too.....and will try the things at work too.....it's amazing what your mind does to you....this was something i didn't see coming.....the WDs i understood...but this hit me out of the blue....i will tell my counselor about it on Friday too....see what she says....thanks for all the advice!! really means alot to me!  this site is awesome....wouldn't have made 26 days without it thats for sure!  :)  
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Ehhhhhh......this is kind of a hard one.  I didn't have it after I finished withdrawing.  I can't imagine what I would do if I had a horrible anxiety episode at work!  That'd be awful.  Have you checked into counseling or NA or anything yet?  That helps.  Walking or exercise helps.  I mean, obviously you can't exercise at work.  LOL I mean, when you start exercising it will help all around for the anxiety.  Have you EVER tried the Valerian?  I didn't take it for anxiety but tried it for sleep several times at several different doses, but it didn't help that.  Nothing would have helped that short of knocking me in the head with a baseball bat.  : )  You should at least try it.  As far as you have been away from your last pill, it may help you?  Also, maybe it has to do with stuff going on at work and not a generalized anxiety?
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Hey Tooth! I'm So sorry about the anxiety! You've been given some great advice. About the only thing I can add is maybe try some soothing hot tea! Decaff of course, and not Sleepy Time, but maybe something that is calming. Plus, I agree about the deep breaths, for me, that really helps! Take care, you are doing awesome!!
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yea it could be related and prolly is to work....since i don't get that bad at home.....it's very busy at work and my boss is a tyrant at times....not yelling and stuff but always wanting me to do MORE and MORE.... and we are short handed right now.....so i have ALL the patients to see....just me and the boss....20 sometimes 30 patients a day....i take Alteril at night which has Valerian root in it...it helps me sleep....that and/or Nyquil....lol  i just don't want to take the Val root and it make me sleepy at work...hell i'm tired enough as it is at work...lol  

and yes i'm seeing a counselor...my 3rd session is this Friday....haven't started NA yet but that is on the top of the list....hopefully this weekend..
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thanks Sonrissa!  yea that's what i did today....deep calming breaths in my car at lunch.....and i have tried the sleepy time tea at bed  time.....with the Alteril...but the tea kept waking me up to go pee....hahahaha so i stopped doing that at bedtime....lol  maybe i will try the calming tea for work IF i had time to drink it!!  ugggg
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