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any Tramadol people monitoring?

Ok...so I have trying to taper for a while with varrying degrees of success. However, my goal was to go clean in Feb no matter what. So I took my last pills Wednesday. I just went through my first VERY long night of nothing. I just couldn't sleep more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Restless legs (knees, particularly) and elbows/wrists was a huge bother. However other than lack of sleep it was bearable. The sun is up and I feel a little better. The local people I know who have kicked Trams say 4 days is the worst of it. I'm starting day two! Wish me GodSpeed! -Randy
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How great to see a tracker for you - YAY 1 day!  That's so great!

And tramadol was my DOC for a really long time (6/7 years) and it took about a week for me to get past the physical stuff (maybe 10 days) which isn't the average - you're right about the 4 days being an average.

Hang in there - life is SO much better without trams.  You'll see!  Very very proud of you!  :)
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Thanks for the pep talk. I can't seem to find the tramadol recovery room. Can you lead the way?

I have been taking them for two years, but only one year heavy. I know that the time is now, and I will deal with the longer term problems with my doctor if the come up. I've gone to several NA meetings, and I meant to go last night and pick up a white key tag, but I got wrapped up in worrying how I would make the night and forgot. I bought a bed for the guest room so I wouldn't keep my partner up with all the tossing and turning.

I went driving yesterday a couple of times and that helped. It is too cold (@20) here to walk in the park.

Thanks again...
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You're very welcome!

To get to the recovery room - on the right side of the page you'll see "recent activity" - right now there's a recent post from stephC28 - and under her name you'll see "tramadol & ultram recovery room" - just click on that and it will bring you to the most recent page for this thread.

And I actually read the entire thread from the beginning (dates back to around 2008) - emily began this thread and it was HUGE in my recovery to hear about her journey and what she did to get through.  I'm confident it will help you too - plus the bonus - it gave me something to read and distract myself with when I wasn't sleeping in the beginning.

Good luck to you - you CAN do this!  Keep the faith and stay strong.  :)
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Also meant to mention - once on the thread, it's a good idea to save it to your favorites so it's easy to find your way back.  :)
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