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any experience stepping down with norco

Has any one ever tried stepping down with Norco 10/325's instead of another like suboxone, so they stepped down with there addiction drug, what kind of results did you have? let me know your experience. please be encouraging thanks.
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I did a taper off Norco.It took me 3 weeks but I did still have w/d's.
I went from 10 to 12 a day down to 1 3 times a day. Did that for a week then wend to 2 twice a day also for a week then I broke 1 into 1/2 took 1/2 am 1/2 pm. The just a 1/2.
If you do a taper you still have w/d's. I am now 17 days off. Still don't sllep well and have low engery but that is getting better. Moving is best thing to do, LOTS of HOT showers and baths, vits,I also let my doc know what I was doing.
I will never go back to them. Dealing with pain but even that got better.
You can do this. Tapering won't work for everybody. It did for me. If you just go cold turkey almost all the w/d's go away in about a week.
Good luck! Post a lot. There is a bunch of great people here.

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Hi skywarrs,

I did have success tapering down from Norco - Norco was my DOC.  I was at a point where I was taking anywhere from 18 - 26 a day.  At the height of my addiction I was taking 30 per day and that's when I knew I had to do something and was scared to death.

I stepped it right down to 12 per day a week then 10 per day a week.  I got some good advice from somebody here to not take the 4 to 6 when I woke up right away in the morning - to try and get by with 2 and space out the doses so I wasn't taking 4 to 6 at a time, but rather 2 every couple of hours and I also stopped crunching them.  I found I could get by on much less and it was not all that uncomfortable.  I didn't get High, which I was always chasing, just felt normal with mild withdrawals.  After I stepped down to 8 per week, I went to Vicodin ES and tapered down from there - to 6 per day, then 4 per day, and then went cold turkey from there and it was not that bad, by day 7 I was feeling pretty human again.  When I started on the Vicodin ES, I also started taking the Amino Acids.  I found that Clonidine which was prescribed by my doctor helped considerably.
How many are you taking now?
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