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any one new to the fourm,and lurking / open fourm

i was wondering if there was anyone new to the fourm
who might be lurking and reading, i wanted to welcome
anyone who is just reading the post, and if you had any
questions we could answer regarding getting off opiates
such as vikes, percs, hydro, oxy, lorcet. it's all the
same  in the end. they all steal your life from ya,
they promise everything then  damm you with and emptiness,
ans unhappiness.

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Welcome to anyone that is new. Kick, share or just chat. You will find a wealth of collective knowlege here that you could never get from a doctor, councellor, shrink, 12 step group or anywhere else for that matter.  Share anything you like and remember you are totally anonymous and will not be judged unless you act like a jerk which is extremely rare on this forum.

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Hi to everyone, I tried to post a new question on this but could not get it to go thru.  I need help with my Soma addiction, going thru a detox center is not an option.  Afraid to tell my doctor, since I have been getting thru the internet.  I have bad back and migraines, I have kicked Vics, and many other things, but I can't seem to shake this monkey off my back.  From my heart, any advice would be so appreciated. Take Care.

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Great idea to post an invite to lurkers.Thats just the type of encouragement people need to post.I hope your doing well.Stay sweet......

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I don't understand.  From everything I have ever read Soma is not addicting.  But just because drug manufactures call medicine is not addictive that doesnt mean it isnt.  Still you are the first person who I have ever heard who is addicted to soma.
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Yes I just found this site thru ask jeeves. I'm trying to find out how to wean myself down from 60mg of metadone a day for a cancer surgery, been on it for almost four months and scared to death to come off, I'm a hope to die alchoholic too, so I don't want to play at it, but I also don't want to end up sick all the time. To make it worse I'm hypertensive and take .2mg of clonodine, twice a day to keep my blood pressure down. I don't know what to expect, so any help would sure be appreciated.
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Could you write back and let me know the particulars.  How many Soma you take daily and for how long you have been taking it.

I posed the question last week about this drug because a doctor wanted to prescribe it for me and got responses that led me to believe it was addictive.  My sister was on it for 2 years and I know she told me she had some trouble when she stopped taking it.

If you could give me somemore detail I will ask my sister about her experience.  

Hang in there
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