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anyone here tonight

just wanted to check in and see whats going on tonite. didnt see a lot of activity going on
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i have been around.. waiting the hours til i go to the dentist..we both ended up with bum teeth this week. what ever happened with yours..
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they feel a little better, i had a root canal done last week bottom-right, broken tooth a few days ago top-left. i'm putting off going back because that means another rx.  have a few left and too 2 today, but there only vic 5mg, not much compared to what i was taking, lol. nice to hear from someone, i had a rough day (mentally) sometimes i think that is truely the worst of this addiction. and only my friends here can relate to that
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i had a rough day too. we are gonna have a lot of those coming up. just have to hang on and hopefully they will get farther apart..
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I am here tonight, just got back from taking dd to her ice skating class, coming home for a 10 minute rest before driving "with traffic" side streets, inland, to pick up another kid from class.  Can you tell I am not a patient person these days and I swear it was side street stoplight Wed,, I never knew half those streets exsisted...
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