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art therapy

not sure if anyone has ever thought of this before....i am an artist myself, and started going through my paintings i have done in the past year, and man can i feel some massive emotions. when anyone ever asked what kind of artwork i did, i could never really explain it. then finally yesterday my friend said "its just very emotional". i of course had never really thought of saying that, maybe because it is not one of the 'technical' terms one would use. but that is what it is. a lot of it was stemming from anger, sadness, something, coming from the battles of life.
i wanted to suggest it to anyone on here, even if you aren't an artist, if you think you can't draw or paint....get that out of your head! it doesn't matter. i can tell you that you can go to walmart, get a canvas and some colors that strike your mood, go home and just go to town. shapes, colors, texture, whatever, i think it may help with mood uplifiting. i always seem relieved after i paint. and of course, art therapy is something that really helps, just a lot of people don't seem to do it....

hope this helps some!!

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I wish i could paint....its a talent ive always wanted but have NONE of lol. My 4 yr old son has suddenly become quite the little artist though. He' s been painting like a mad man lately, some beautiful stuff (i think its great for a 4 year old!!!) I love watching him paint, all the colors and patterns he uses is so unique and pretty!  
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well you can, just try :)
as for your son, water that talent! i remember as a child always painting and drawing pictures i would see on the walls...it was my little escape. as i grew older i always knew that is what i wanted to pursue, but everyone in my family always told me it was just my hobby....after years and years, when i was 23 i started doing art shows in the local city (i am 25 now) and invited them....THEN the finally came around....i always tell mothers this story just because i think you start to show that passion when you are younger in some way, and you should always help them out with such a hard hobby/passion!!

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I was in re-hab in Florida,and part of the program for Leasure and recreation was the gym and an Art class.The Art class was painting.Myself and another man who usually worked-out one evening went to the Art class,we both where intimadated as we both never painted a canvas only a wall.The instructor was wonderful see relieved are fears and introduced us to a tecnique to produce a beautiful landscape and sunset.WE thought that because we lacked talent it would be disappointing,boy where we wrong. I am glad i put down my fears and gave it a try.That was an excellent post JOHN
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I have also been using art, drawing, sketching, painting as soul therapy. It seems to help me express myself in ways that words could never possibly touch. I also got some good news, yesterday on a whim, I took one of my paintings to a local art, music, hangout and a man approached me and asked if he could buy it? I was like sure, just flattered that he would ask, he asked me what the price would be. . . Me being the passive person that I am, I asked the man what he thought would be a fair price. He said " You're the one who put forth the time and effort." I still really didnt know what to say, . . . I had never sold one of my paintings before. So finally I said would 50 dollars be too much? He snickered and quickly handed me 2 one hundred dollar bills and a fifty. I was so excited, of coarse I tried not to show it. lol. But I made $250 on a painting that took me 30 mins to finish! I was so excited. Im working on a few others and so is my daughter Lexi (5) I think Im gonna take them down there when we get them finished and put them on display. Hey thats some extra christmas money!?! Seems like things are starting to fall into place a little . . .  Im glad.

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Why won't anyone buy my paint by numbers paintings.  They're awesome.  I stayed inside almost all of the lines...

I keep putting them on the refrigerator, but someone keeps taking them down. LOL
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that is awesome about your painting sell! do you have any pictures on your computer of your paintings? i do but didn't see anywhere you can put multiple pics on here....oh well....
as far as pricing; i think that is the hardest thing ever. i started out the same way, for design work and paintings, wouldn't go higher than $50. then i started doing research, comparing prices and work at local art shows, and online as well. started to notice a lot of the prices were higher than $50! the way that i am doing it now, is how much the painting actually means to me, and how much time it took to make. i am the type that will start a couple at once, leave them on the eisles in my living room so i have to always look at them, and then add when i feel inclined. i think the only time i sit down and paint start to finish is if i have an art show out of nowhere, or if its holiday/bday gifts....
def keep pursuing it though! you can make some money, let out some emotions, and always have them to look back on and rate your progress!
i will take a paint by numbers painting. what kind of designs you got? :)

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I'm working on an awesome Sponge Bob right now.  Should have it completed in a couple of weeks, because I just started it last weekend.  Should I be worried that my 2 year old daughter already finished hers and it looks better? :(
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Never sell your work, no matter what it is, for under $200.00. Even thats cheap.  Trust me.
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Ok, I'll start the bidding at $200.00 for an abstract paint by numbers Sponge Bob...

Do I here $200.01?...
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LOL, check out the e-bay art section.. you might be surprised.
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yeah im planning to be an art therapist.

I was doing a short presentation where i said "art is theraputic" my teacher jokes and says "yeah we'll discuss that later :P"

He toooooootally didnt get the point. Me i wrote more than i did art. For a year i didnt do a single piece. But now...i go back and i have some images that i've made...they express me...and help me...gets everything out...so maudit go do it I say!!!!
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