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bad day

Hey I have a bad day today on day 9 feel alright it comes and goes its more my mind messing with me see I live on checks I get on the first so all my disability and workescomp today  the worst part is my pills are up I I have to do is call in to doc and go get them that not costme a dime I get 120 oc 40 mill and that's all I can think of  today I don't whant to do any but my mind keep telling me well u could use the money go get them and sell them but I know if I go get them I b right back where I was this is one hell of a fight I am having with my mind u thinking about going to na meeting tonight see what that's about maybe geting out the house a little might help thanks for letting me ramble
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Hey don't go get those pills.You are almost free.It will get way better really soon.Just hang in there and keep posting
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Hi Charlie...
Congratulations on 9 days!  Listen-for most it is the mental side of this disease that is the hardest to overcome.  You've made it through detox and that is awesome...Recovery takes work and is accumulative.  I know it's overwhelming...Your instinct to go to a NA meeting is a wonderful one.  Please do it.  The thing about sobriety is you need to guard it at all costs.  It takes hard work, patience, and determination...Your addicted brain, which is still so fragile after 9 days, is going to mess with you in all kinds of ways. It's why we talk about aftercare on here so much...You are not alone.  Take it one moment at a time...Be proud of how far you've come and don't buy the pills.  Keep it simple.  Just don't use.
Keep posting...
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          Make yourself go to a meeting it will take some of the pressure off you.  Every though about treatment for these drugs that will help to try to stay busy doing something positive to keep your mind off the pills.  Hang in there it will get better if you dont use one day at a time.
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