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Im not going to hijack jace's thread by getting into it with you. yes I read your post there and agreed with part of it. the part about you asking HIM why he has pain meds tho, I didnt agree with. Hes already explained why he has to take them. Im just sayin, he wanted his wife to read it and I put myself in her place, thinking of her reading all the posts later on and if I was still actively using, it would probably either hurt me or just plain **** me off. Yes she needs help, I KNOW THAT. We all do. But we dont know if she wants help. Its pretty simple beach and I dont wanna start anything with you. I was responding to a post by jace.
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I'm sorry I missed why he was taking narcotics.....

Would you mind telling me?

In a house with an addict bringing narcotics into the house is a big risk......I havent been around the forum that much in the last week so I have missed a lot and because of my curious nature I like to ask questions.........
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by the way I wasn't trying to fight with you either and my personal opinion is I think the husband is dead wrong the way he is thinking............
But she does need to get into detox and drug rehab for her herself and for her family do you disagree with that?
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The guy has been posting for like a month now. I know he has some serious pain issues, and he's the only one taking care of the children...kinda hard to do when your in pain..
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he told his story awhile ago. You even responded to it. It was probably weeks ago so you may not remember. I dont remember exactly why he has to take them but he just does.
I agree that she needs help. I said that already. But did you get help when people were forcing it down your throat? I know I didnt.
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I understand that but this is his wife and she needs his help too...........
This is a bias statement but he is the man of the house and the Lion needs to take care of his family no matter how hard or how tired he is........but that is just my opinion............
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He has legitimate reasons (very good ones I believe) for needing these meds.
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the year is 2007 last i checked
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I never voluntarily asked for help.......I was an active addict for 37 years......
It took a judge to guide me in the right direction and then I took it from there............
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and he does take care of that house. everything in it from what ive read. all by himself.
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well then there you go. you were forced into recovery. I went by myself, FOR myself. Not because I was court ordered or because someone made me. Im glad you got forced into recovery and that youre still clean. I know a lot of people who are forced by a judge and dont ever get clean and I know its still a choice you have to make, even when youre court ordered but there is a difference here, do you see it? Jace's wife isnt being mandated to go to detox. We know you mean well but really, you cant force an addict to do anything. Unless its going down on someone for a hit.
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my b/f had to do the same thing when i was taking 40 pills a day, and regardless of whether he was "the man of the house" it was unfair to him. Especially while he was suffering from chronic pain himself..
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I know he is trying very hard and I don't doubt that he is in pain........

His wife is in big trouble and she needs him too.......
Addiction in families causes so much damage I know I caused so much at my parents house........

What do you think the husband should do about his wifes situation?
I am very curious..........
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fair or unfair is irrelevant in my opinion..........
Many things in life are not fair......but that doesnt mean that we still don't have to deal with them.....

by the way as far as you and I talking anymore I don't think is a good idea.......
med help asked me that if you started to argue with me for me to take the high road and step away........so that is what I'll do here.....
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I have NO CLUE. Thats why Im not giving advice about it anymore. his situation is outta control and I dont know it all and I wont pretend to.
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awesome...except i wasn't arguing with you..nor have I ever argued with you..so take whichever road you would like cause i'm not going to stop giving my opinion regardless of how insecure it might make you...:)
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Uh oh!!! In the thick of it again!!!!!LOL. How are you my friend?  Always good to see your name.
Take care....
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Hey beautiful how r u?

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Hi Marce...........I just recieved some messages from bettie 1976 right from her heart.........
You know me I feel very strong about my convictions and when I recieve messages very insightful messages like I just did from bettie I know I am on the right page..........

What makes me laugh though is when someone like luanchick thinks she can throw me off my game......she couldn't reach me if she stood on a ladder...........
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Im getting better. Going to the doc today soon to find out why i still have this cough...how's the south?
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Awwww, sorry about the cough.  Hope it gets better.  Glad you are going to the doc.  I had a complete physical yesterday and took whats called a Spiromter (sp?) test.  Seems at 57 I have the lung capacity of an 84 year old....Sheeeesh.  Then the doc had to split before he went over everything with me, so I'm sitting here sweating it out, waiting to hear from him.  My mother died of COPD complications, but I didn't know **** like that was heredity....Oh well,  se la vie....I'm a hard mother to kill.   Who needs to breath anway??????

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Could explain why my voice in the lousy recording was cracking though....Hee Hee
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*stands on a ladder*
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Letting others get the best of you is not the Beachtowel we all know and love here....

Walk away my friend...walk away....

Take Care my friend...

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baiting people is not nice. I see that going on right now and I think it's rude. Beach what I said to you in my messages I meant and you know Luna and I are friends and I think its uncool that you said what you said. If you guys have a problem, stay away from each other. Dont put me in the middle of it. I just wanted to share something private with you. It had nothing to do with her.
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