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congratulations!  16/17 who's counting?...apparently tabdog is (hehe)
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You know I didn't even think about that or Tab-Dog I was very focused on the point I was trying to make.

But now that you have brought this up (you Geek) I will probably here from Tab-Dog ..........lol
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i hope he does...CALLING ON TABDOG...you out there!

i'm mad at you anyway...i checked out the "adjustments"...
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Da, I told you I did last night..............
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You two are freaking funny

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16 or 17?  

How about MAYBE 14!  

On February 18th he said "When I finally went to detox to get help in Jan of 06 . . . " (http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction/messages/33963.html)

I'm telling you, there must be extra months at the beach!
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You really are something else...

You can take that how you want it....
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I knew would come out.......very nice to see you.....
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Tab-Dog do you work for the forum?

I tried to go back and look at this post it doesn't go back that far would you please tell me how to do it so I can go back and read that post please.
I would appreciate it........

You should be a paralegal your research skills are brillant, do you need a job?
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One thing is a little creepy though, I have never seen you post anything except to me about my "exact" dates.

Do you ever post anything else and just wondering what is your facination with me?

Your kinda creeping me out a little........do you understand my point??
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Maybe he likes you...

or knows you..................

yea thats creepy lol
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oxy it is a little creepy,,,,

How does someone research back to that date?

Just for myself I would like to read the post he is referring too......

Have you ever seen Tab-Dog post to anyone but me????
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It's someone who obviously knows his way around computers! What do ya think!? A little too obvious to me!
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I think I may have seen one or two posts....a while back..but no...not really anything..but you

It is creepy.....but I would suggest to let it go.......it will just rack your brain trying to make sense out of something...That makes no sense..ya feel me?
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I found out how to get to the message logs,,,but not to the exact post he is referring.

I don't want to read a million old posts to find it but when now I am curious....

What is so obvious?

I didn't know that every post is kept on record from this site thats a little creepy too...........
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Rather not say....I'm not going to cause any more trouble on the forum....already did my share! I'll talk to you later!
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I gave you a link to the post (don't you legal-types call that "a citation"?).  
Here it is again:

OR, you can find it through the archives by the Subject/Title "where are all the street junkys?"  (at the archive page, hit Edit, then Find, the search for "street junkys")

I don't work for MedHelp and I not that DAN-the-world-is-against-me, who ever he was.

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so sorry my good friend!
what started out as a joke between us became a reality!
who the **** cares anyway?

things have been going great here and we are not going to let a little peon get to us...anyway...who is this person in the grand scheme of life?...a speck...that's all...that's all...a speck
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Im so impressed....

Look at that!! Wow....

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lmao...surprised you didn't i?

girl...it was so hard (hehe)
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and yet,

so much more satisfiy...I cant spell...bare with me ...

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I like to be able to talk to anyone because once I turn them off like a light switch I will never speak to them again.
I just wonder what the hell he is talking about.
I've been to 15 detoxes in my life over the years I was curious to the post he was referring to.
It just creeps me out the interest tab-dog has with me.
I never see him post to anyone, the only time I ever see him is when he posts to me disputing exact days,,or dates....
But to research and pull a Feb. 3rd or  whatever the hell a date was really creeps me out that he is watching me so close........

It is infringing on stalking.........

Even though I didn't like 90% of what came out of DAnthropes mouth I hoped we could have some type of communication, I guess I hope for the best with Tab-Dog too.......
I just don't understand his problem with me and why he only posts to me here at this forum........
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